Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Boots--Part 1

DeDe brought Lilly some rain boots when she came to visit.....
They were a BIG hit!! HUGE!! I can't get her to keep them off. If you notice, the title says Part 1 and that is because (1)I am several posts behind..playing catch up and (2) These boots are featured in several more posts to come!
She loves them--thanks DeDe!
Posing for the other side!
They are a little big so a lot of the time she runs around with just one shoe on! Ha. The other day we went outside and she had so much fun running through the rain puddles and not getting wet!!
She is at such a fun age!! I am just loving this phase she is going through. She is at the stage where she is learning how to express what she wants. We went to Wal-Mart the other night and she pointed to a little pink dress and said, "please"! It was so adorable. Then she spotted the balls and said, "ball, ball, ball". Of course when I handed her one she just threw it across the store. So I got it and put it back and she SCREAMED "ball" until they were out of sight. It was her first Wal-Mart fit...that part of the phase...not so in love with. I just love this funny little girl!!

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