Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Balls of Cuteness!!

The other day while Lilly was napping, I put Reid in the ball pit to play and had a little impromptu photo shoot. Here are the pictures of Mr. Handsome himself!!

He kept doing this...I don't know was cracking me up! He likes to hang out on his side just like Lilly used to--I wonder if he will do leg lifts too!?
Just want to kiss those little lips and those sweet cheeks! Well, actually I do that..a lot! Gotta get it in while he still lets me!! Haha.

Oh man, I LOVE this boy so much it hurts!!
He has two new teeth...I think they are his eye teeth (I can't really tell if he just doesn't have his top two teeth or if he doesn't have the top middle four--he kind of looks like a vampire because he hasn't gotten his top two (or four??) middle teeth in yet. Lilly didn't get her teeth in the normal order either. Those crazy babies of ours!!
Oh, and nursing mom friends (i.e. NOT MEN)--what did you do when/if your child bit while nursing? HELP! I have just been saying no and stopping the feeding for a second--but this has just angered him and caused him to go on a nursing strike which means I have to pump and I really do not want to spend all my free time pumping! Thanks in advance for the help.

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Superchikk said...

I used to poke Caedmon in the cheek and say, "no" very firmly. It hurt his feelings the first time, but it only took a couple of times for him to get it. If he bit again during that feeding, I'd tell him no, then sit him up for a minute before letting him finish. But it sounds like little Reid likes to protest too. Ha! Good luck...that is NO fun!