Monday, March 15, 2010

FNO & Great Date #2

Lilly's favorite time of the well as when DADDY COMES HOME!!!!! Whenever we hear the garage door, we yell "Daddy's Home!!" and run to the door. Well, Lilly just yells "Daddy" over and over...but it is an exciting time. Although Reid can't join in the yelling "Daddy"..he does get his big grins out!!
Waiting for him to come in....
Hearing the key in the is almost time!!! Soooo exciting....
HE IS HERE!! Yay!! The first thing Matt does is scoop her up...and if for some reason he can't (like his hands are full), she lets him know just how displeased she is!! Haha. LOVE that Daddy!
Just the most precious sight ever! He snores so softly and is music to my ears. Strange music, but music nonetheless.
I just want to pick him up and cuddle him all day long!!!
Miss Priss LOVES to go in and help get her little brother out of bed. I will say, "it is time to go get Reid up!" and she runs to the door and hits it with all of her might--which opens the door because it doesn't stay latched. I love when she gets excited about our family!!
Anyway, you might be wondering why my babies are in their PJs when Matt is getting home from work. Well, on some days it would just be because we didn't feel like getting dressed (i.e. most Mondays) but on this occasion it was because they were going to Friday Night Out at our church--this is a great program where the kiddos go to play at the church and Mommy and Daddy have a little date time. FABULOUS!! Anyway, they always fall asleep in the car and go straight to bed so they go in Jammies!
On this FNO, we went on Great Date #2. You can go here for details on what the Great Date Experiment is and here is date 2. These are so much fun and you can do them anywhere and at any time--you don't have to do them on schedule with us or on a certain time line--they can just be your next 6 dates. I HIGHLY recommend them--Matt and I look forward to them like kids look forward to Christmas morning! Anyway, we are on date 2 of 6. This date should have had a warning disclaimer that said to "bring your appetite". On these dates you have to finish one activity before you find out what the next one is fun to have a little suspense. The first thing we were supposed to do was find a place for an appetizer. So, we went to On the Border for some Ultimate Dip. Yummy.
Then, we were supposed to pick a place for dinner. Well, Matt and I decided to share since we had such a big appetizer...however, our meal was HUGE!!! We went to Texas, Land, and Cattle. The ribs and chicken were delicious. Also, at each place we went there were a list of topics for us to discuss. This particular date was about nourishing romance so that is what the topics were about.
SO. MUCH. FOOD. We ordered ONE entree.
The next part of our date was to pick a place to shop to buy each other a present for $2 or less. I bought Matt a picture frame because he has been wanting a certain picture framed for his office. He, for some reason, bought me bubbles. Somehow a lot of his gifts for "me" are really things for Lilly. Haha. Don't get me wrong..I appreciate all of "my" gifts. I love that he likes to pick out things for us to do together--that family mentality is part of the reason I love him so very much.
The next thing for us to do was to pick a place to eat dessert but we were both WAY TOO FULL to eat desert so we got a couple of drinks from Starbucks. To be honest, we were even too full to drink most of them. I felt nausious all night from eating too much. Despite that--we had such a great time! I love our family time but I also love our special time just the two of us.
On another note, since I mentioned Starbucks earlier, I have to say that I went by Starbucks tonight and got a medium iced coffee....$4.50!! Is it just me or is that absolutely crazy??!! Lilly can eat an entire meal with a drink ANYWHERE we go for that amount of cash. I know that I am being a tad cheap--but I really felt like I was being voluntarily robbed.
Also, the backlight on our laptop went out so the screen is just black...I am having to plug the computer into our little tv in order to do anything on the computer. Oh well. It is better than buying a new computer right now!


Rebekah said...

Such a fun out! I think it is great that your kiddos are in their jammies!

Jenna said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lyr said...

What a great time!!! Love how you documented all of it with photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you two had a special time! Looks like fun! I love to see the excitment in Lillian to see her Daddy. Just like with your Lilly and Daddy. It is so special to see that relationship...And it does mean so much when they are so happy to see us! Hugs