Friday, March 5, 2010

Pajama Party!

That is right folks--3 posts within a 24 hour period--I believe the word(s) you are looking for would be "blog champion". Ha!

Anyway, like I mentioned in the last post, we went to Benton last weekend. On Friday Lilly didn't take a very long nap which I decided would be a good thing because then she would probably take a nap in the car (since it is a 3 hour trip). Not. So. Much!! Not only did she not nap AT ALL on the way down, she filled the car with SCREAMS for the majority of the ride. Not playful shrieks. Not upset crying. Frustrated, rage-filled, listen-to-me-I-want-out SCREAMS. Did I mention that I had some sinus issues and had a small headache before we got into the car? So, we had to stop and get gas and I thought maybe if we run around the gas station for a few minutes then she can stretch her legs and she will feel better. Again...not so much. She was even madder (is that a word?) when she had to go back IN the car seat.

OH BOY--ladies and gents--it was a LOOOOONNNNG trip. I don't even want to tell you what I was thinking when I got out of the car except that they were not my most God honoring thoughts ever. In my weak defense, I had the worst MIGRAINE in the world.

So, we FINALLY arrive just in time to go to the Pajama Party at our church there. Now, I was not about to get the camera out...I was just a walking zombie trying to make it through the night so all of the pictures in this post are courtesy of my sweet friend Laurie. (Thanks again Laurie!!) I also might mention that Reid didn't sleep well last week so that is a big part of the zombie-ness...not just Lilly's screams. The pajama party was so much fun! They did a wonderful job setting up all of these different activities! There was games, book reading, chalk art, make-up, shaving, and dress up! In the above picture, Lilly was playing dress up. She had on a floppy hat and the necklace. She wore the necklace all night long. Ha!
Poppy (or Grandpa...we really haven't came up with anything for certain...also not pictured) cooked french toast sticks. DeDe and Laurie's husband Daniel served up the yummy treats to the kids...I might have had some too....even though we were going out to eat afterward.
This is me working really hard to smile for the camera...Haha. And Reid being so sweet. He is in his PJs! He was the only one in the family sporting his PJs. I have since realized what a missed opportunity it was for me (1) not to buy Lilly and I matching PJs for this event and (2) not wear comfy PJs in public and be accepted! I was in sweats so I guess I didn't totally miss out. (c;
Laurie and Lilly. Lilly would not stop trying to run up the steps. Stairs are her new favorite!
They had this area set up with shaving cream and "craft sticks" so the kids could shave. Here is DeDe helping Lilly shave her face. They both look so serious. Haha. (I told you they were so creative with their activities!) We had such a good time and I know Lilly LOVED being able to just run wild after being trapped in the car seat for so long.
After the party, we went to dinner where Matt and I like we hadn't eaten in weeks. It had just been one of those crazy weeks where one of the babies would need us so we were just barely getting to eat. We were so grateful to have the grandparents there to referee the children so we could just eat. I am sure they were looking at us like "Slow down! Your food isn't going anywhere!" Oh well. I ended up full and happy!! Haha.
Oh, and for those of you wondering...she slept not a wink on the way home either. The screaming was still present but better than the ride there. Any tips for a good car ride??


Mary Lynn said...

You didn't mention if you had a DVD player. We got one at Target for $100 and it was money well spent. We first used it when Lucy was about 6 months old for the ride to Florida, but still use it a lot -- sometimes even for the ride from LR to Benton. We tivo Veggie Tales and then burn them to DVD's and are good to go. I plan to put the videos of the girls on a DVD too and let them watch. Lucy loves watching herself! :-)

Laurie said...

Now, that you've had this idea of matching pjs there will be certain expectations for the future ;-)! Just kidding! Glad you guys were there & had a good time! I'll get the pictures to you on disc so that you'll have a way to print them. Ashley printed me a copy of the one of me &'s going on my office door!

Todd and Courtney said...

ohhhh nooooo this post reminds me of Lauren. She slept like a champ in the car as a baby. Around 11 months, she would cry non stop. I have to drive 30 minutes to basically anywhere and she would scream the ENTIRE time. We did what Mary Lynn said above and got a DVD player. That is the best invention. I feel guilty she's staring at the TV but I really don't care. It was dangerous for me to loose my cool and have a mini meltdown while driving. I highly recommend it :)

Anonymous said...

I so agree about a DVD player in the car. It is worth every penny. I am so thankful for those things! I love the PJ party!! It looks so cute!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I haven't been on my blog in forever so I updated tonight and jumped on here to see my sweet babies.
I love them so much and I can't believe how big they are. Reid is as big as Lilly.
Love Lilly on the phone.
They pj party looked like fun.
Loved the baby einstein post. I agree.
Glad you had fun in Benton.
I could go on forever!! Ya'll are so cute!!!

The Park Wife said...

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The Park Wife