Monday, November 15, 2010

Park Fun

We had a great weekend. DeDe came up Thursday night and stayed through Saturday afternoon. We were all happy to have DeDe in town for a few days! Matt and I took advantage on Saturday afternoon and took on the task of cleaning the garage. I am not sure we really made any progress. I know that we worked out there for a couple of hours...but it still looks the same somehow. I HATE that. (We hadn't touched the garage since we moved in--well except to put more crap, ahem, I mean stuff out there. Sunday, we went to church, came home and ate. Then the kids napped and I went to Walgreens (my most favorite place to go every Sunday). (More on that in a later post.) My Aunt Vivian and Uncle Joe just got a new patio/porch and had a big family BBQ Sunday afternoon. Good times and always great to see everyone. On other news, we live close to a playground and Lilly and Reid love to go on a walk to "play".
They have so much fun but it is definitely a good idea to go with two adults because they both run in different directions!
Reid loves to pick up the wood chips and put them through the holes. He also loves to climb, slide, and run all over the place. The boy has no fear...somehow this gives me some fear.
I just love this picture for some reason. My heart just smiles when they joyfully play together, side by side.
About to go down the slide. Her expressions lately have been so funny. Especially when she is asking a question! She looks so interested and serious.
This little man has become so busy lately and is talking up a storm. One day last week he just decided to start talking in sentences. He says, "I want _____". He fills the blank with so many different words. I want a "dink" (drink for those of you that don't speak Reid), I want a "nack" (snack), I want "jooooosh" (juice), etc.
Thanks for coming and helping us keep up with these two busy babies DeDe!!

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Anonymous said...

I have missed your posts. I seriously thought I might have to send you an email to make sure you all were okay. Glad you enjoyed your time with family. I love a good BBQ! The park near your house is nice. That is great. What a fun place to go to get out of the house and meet other Mommies and children. Hope you all have a blessed week. Oh and please tell me more about Walgreens on Sunday's I'm curious...