Thursday, November 4, 2010

The weekend!

Well, last Thursday Matt, the kids, and I loaded up and headed to Benton. We got there in time to have a yummy dinner at Shorty Smalls and the kids were excited to see Mike and DeDe! Friday morning we got up and headed to the local pumpkin patch. The kids really had a good time. They had some animals for the kids to look at and Reid kept saying "Duck" "Wack" (quack). He is such a little smartie and says so much stuff. We got two "pum-pums" while we were there and Lilly says "hi" and "bye" to them every time we leave the house or come home.
The had this teetering wood thing and both kids had a blast. Lilly really like jumping on it and Reid really liked trying to jump on it. Haha--I think we are going to have a pete and repeat here.
They both liked the tractors too. Lilly would get on it and go backwards all over the place. Reid either sat on it...
pushed it or...
pulled it all over the place.
The pum-pum, Lilly, and DeDe.
I had originally planned on taking some cute family photos but since we decided to go at the same time as two school buses--I chose to forego the frustration of trying to get the kids to look at the camera while so much else was going on. It wasn't happening!
Matt and I got a couple of pictures of us though. I went to make a photo book of us a couple of weeks ago and realized there are millions of pictures of the kids and hardly any of Matt and I. Matt and I also took advantage of being around the grandparents and went on a movie date. We saw RED with Bruce Willis and some other folks. We thought it was pretty good.
Saturday we had lunch with GrandDaddy, Aunt Susan, Lynn, Jessica and some other sweet friends and family.
We came back to Mike and DeDe's, let the kids nap and then Matt and Mike wanted to watch the Hog game so Aunt Susan, Lynn, DeDe, Lilly, Reid, and I all went to Chili's to eat dinner. I was really craving some salsa and cheese dip.
It did not disappoint!
We had planned on going trick-or-treating after dinner but we got a call from Matt saying that his good friend and his family stopped by--so we had to go visit!!
Lilly was excited to play with some new friends!
Who wouldn't be totally psyched to spend time with this wonderful family??
Adorable! Seriously I keep thinking I am going to have a friend with an ugly kid (totally joking) but if just never happens! They are all so flipping cute and sweet!
Matt and his buddy Anthony! It was so good to see him and his family!
Then on Sunday all Matt's family got together for lunch. Reid ran around in his diaper and cool sunglasses. He seriously loves those things! As always we had a great time seeing friends and family. We did miss Uncle Bert and Aunt Bec-Bec though!!
On Monday I took Reid back to the dr. because I could tell he still just wasn't feeling well. Turns out he has a sinus infection! I think he has had it for at least a month. Poor little guy. He is on antibiotics and I think he is finally starting to feel better. This morning he woke up happy and talking~it was such a beautiful sound! The sound of feeling better!! Other than that, our week has been pretty low-key...just doing the usual stuff around here. Hope your week is going great!

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Courtney said...

Glad Reid is feeling better. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend.