Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Octopus Pinata

I decided to try and make a pinata for the party. I got the idea you can tell I pretty much copied all the details. She does give a step by step tutorial for just the round part of the pinata here and you could use that as the basis for so many different pinatas. I get excited just thinking about the possibilities. Ha!! Making the pinata was extremely easy but it was time consuming. Mainly because you have to let each layer dry completely before starting a new one. I did a total of 4 layers of newspaper and then two layers of paint. I did one layer a day so all in all it took almost a week. Probably could have squeezed it to four days (maybe less if you are using something to speed up the drying process). We (the kids and I) had fun making it. I wish I would have gotten a good picture of it hanging outside...but I had a little issue.

I only threaded a single piece of the 6 lb tested fishing line through it and it wasn't enough for it to hang. Had I been smart enough to think of using a sewing needle to assist when threading--I probably would have threaded more layers...or like I will do if I make a pinata again...use a heavier dutier (I think I am making that phrase up?) string/ribbon/stronger material. Thankful my friends were able to perform a little surgery so we could try and hang it again. (My sweet friend Sarah is not pictured but was very helpful...her arm is in the first picture if that counts. (c:) Unfortunately we had to do "surgery" a little too close together for it to hang without tearing.

But Mike saved the day and held the pinata. He was a brave man. (; The kids loved it and it really was worth all the effort.

Taking a swing! Both Reid and Lilly hit it so softly every time. Precious!

Will meant business!

Brody taking a crack at it.

At some point it suffered an eye injury. Ha!

After all of the little ones had several turns...

We let Caleb at it. It took him a few HARD swings to bust it all of the way open. I was pretty impressed with the strength of the pinata since we didn't even mess with a blindfold.

The kids gathering up all the candy! Just a helpful hint if you decide to do a pinata-do NOT waste any money on anything that isn't candy because it will just be left scattered on the ground. Ha! Lilly LOVED it and is still talking about her pinata and getting to hit it and find candy. Worth it! (:

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