Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Testimony Tuesday: God Provides

This week's Testimony Tuesday is just going to be me describing 2 of the ways God chose to bless us this week. He always provides for our needs. Always. But this is not a post about him providing for our needs...this is a post about him just providing a silly "want" in our lives.

On Saturday we had Lilly and Reid's birthday party. A "Beach" birthday party to be more specific. Matt and I wanted to have just a big pile of sand for the kids to play with/on/in. But when we went to Wal-Mart to check sand prices we realized sand was more expensive than either one of us thought...almost $3 per bag. Per little bag. At that cost we may have been able to get enough sand to fill up a kiddie pool.

Matt mentioned that it might be much cheaper to just have a truck load delivered to the house. He said he noticed that the builder got sand delivered to our neighborhood all the time. So I emailed the builder just to see how much it costs to have a truck load delivered. Our builder emailed us back and told us the price but also said that if we were just wanting it for the party...

he would have his sand delivered to our yard for the party and then come and get it after the party and use it for his houses. It gets better...for FREE!!! PRAISE THE LORD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!! This is the sandpile that was in our yard Saturday for our beach party and the kids had a BLAST! Please join me this week in praying for blessings for our awesome builder and his family!!

The second way the Lord chose to provide a blessing for us was by giving us perfect weather for our party. Everything was planned for OUTSIDE. The sand, the pools, the pinata, etc. etc. etc. I chose not to even look at the forecast all week long and just prayed for good weather. Saturday morning it was raining and I just kept saying, "It won't be for the party. I have been praying for good weather for weeks!" And the Lord answered my prayer and gave us great weather for the party.

So there you have it...not only does God provide for your needs...he also blesses us with our wants. (:

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