Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Preview

Well it has been a sweet forever since my last post and that is because we have been BUSY!  Last week we got to get away and just relax for the week on our annual family beach trip.  We are so thankful for the trip that Mike and DeDe take us on every year--it is always so much fun and we always make lots of good memories and eat lots of good food!  ( :  I am still going through the thousand pictures that were taken but here is a little preview of what we were up to last week.
 These cousins got to spend the whole week together!  Lilly and Reid just loooove "Baby Breanna."  I think we still may call her Baby Breanna when she is 16.  Ha! 
 We got to play in the sand...and we discovered that Lilly LOVES the sand and the beach.  And finding seashells. 
 The kids also LOVED "jumping" over the waves.  It was a good workout for everyone because I am pretty sure every body got a turn helping them "jump." 
 We buried Matt in the sand.  I tried to draw a mermaid tail on him for Lilly but you really can't tell. 
 It was SO SUNNY they couldn't open their eyes for a picture.  Bad for pictures but great for fun in the sun! 
 We built our first sandcastle.  We tried last year but every time we started they would knock it down.  (: 
 And, of course, we took some really cute pictures...
 of some really cute kids. 
And we spent the whole week looking at this view. Awesome! More details and pictures later!


Courtney said...

Sounds like a fun vacation. Beach vacations are the best!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet Lilly is looking big to me. So sad! She is starting to look more like a little girl (more mature) is what I mean. I am so glad you all had a special beach trip! I have so many special memories going to the beach with our family! Those are ones they will remember forever! Hope you and the family are well!