Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Reid!!

Oh my soul--how are you THREE today???  I just can't believe it!  I feel like we just had you...but at the same time feel like you have been in our lives forever. 
 We love your sweet smile and your deep belly laugh!
 I love that you play hard and are all boy and then with no prompting you will stop playing to come and snuggle me for a minute and then go back to playing hard.   Those are always among my favorite moments of the day. 
 You LOVE Lightning McQueen.  For the longest time you just loved Lightning McQueen but weren't at all interested in the movie...until recently.  Now you love watching both Cars and Cars 2.  A lot.  We joke and say that you are sponsored by Lightning because you are almost always wearing something with Lightning McQueen on it. 
 This is your fake "cheese" face that you give me.  You have such a playful personality.  You are definitely a little jokester. 
 You have the sweetest spirit.  You are always making sure Lilly has one of whatever you have too (and she does the same for you.)  You love to kiss and pat baby Breanna.  A couple of weeks ago your friend Sam was trying to climb down from something but his feet couldn't touch the ground so you laid down so he could step on you and get down and then you were SO PROUD of him for getting down!  You kept saying, "You did it, Sam!!" 
 You say, "I love you SO much!"  (Melts my heart!)
 Your favorite color is blue.  If you are coloring, you color with blue.  If you are painting, you paint with blue. If there are a hundred options and one of them is blue--you are picking the blue one.  Unless there is one with Lightning McQueen on it...Lightning trumps blue.  ( :
 This is your "I'm really tired of you taking my picture" look.  (You might as well embrace it because I am not going to stop taking your picture. :)
 We took these pictures at the local Botanical Gardens one day and this was you trying to blow the pinwheel.  Ha!  You are so cute and funny and you are always filling our days with lots of laughter.  I hope you know how much your Daddy and I delight in you!! 
 You are full of energy and spunky!  You love to make up songs and sing about whatever you are doing.  (You get that from your Daddy.)  I will ask you if you want to do something and if you don't you say, "No I do not."  You have a cute way of saying things. 
 You love to run and climb.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE to swim.  You are crazy skilled in swimming.  We (lovingly) call you our little freak of nature in the pool.  You swim underwater and can swim without your buoy.  You jump in and go under water and just come up giggling. 
 You are full of wonder--you and your sister both are--and that is good for Mommy.  It is so fun to see how excited you both get about everyday things.  It is refreshing for my Mommy soul. 
 (I love that you had taken your sticky tie off and put it back on upside down.  Also you were so happy to be taking pictures in front of BLUE flowers.)  You like to pray and at the end of your prayers you always say, "That was a good prayer!"  You get that from your sister.  At bedtime you like for Mommy to sing TWO songs.  You are laid back--not much bothers you!  If we are staying up late you will come up to us and say, "I'm ready to go to bed now." 
Sweet boy I could go on and on about all the little details we just love about you and that just make you you--we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents and we pray that God uses you and your sweet spirit for wonderful things!  We hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday and we love you SO MUCH!  Love, Mommy and Daddy.


Superchikk said...

Sweet boy! I can't believe how big he is now!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Reid! I'm sure he has had a special day.