Friday, August 31, 2012

August Overview

Well I am crazy always...but there are still pictures from May that I haven't posted.  Eek!  We have been busy busy busy this month so I thought I would just give a quick overview of what we have been up too.
 We started this month at the doctors office for this little man.  He had an ear infection.  I thought I was going in for amoxicillin and left with a surgery appointment to get his tubes and adenoids removed.  To make himself feel better Reid wore 16 bandaids for two days. 
 When we went to take them off he had developed a heat rash wherever the adhesive on the bandaid was.  Parental fail. 
 This girl also started the month off by being sick as well.  She was sick one day and when anybody called the next day to check on her she would say, "I'm a little sick today.  Not bad sick like lasterday but a little sick."  And she refused to leave the house that day. 
A local boutique had a 1/2 price Toms sale so Lilly and I got matching shoes.  She says, "Mommy I love that yours shoes match mine!"  I do, too.  Every time I see our matching feet I get a little giddy inside.  Ha!
 The 6th through the 10th I had to go to ELLA training (a training on teaching language and literacy to young children.)  This was a long week because I had to drop the kids off at 7am and we were in class until 3:30--which is a long time to sit in class BUT I was super excited about taking the class.  It was great information and we got lots of books so it was a blessing to have that opportunity!  Kid's Day Out training, meetings, and work days have taken up 9 days in August so that is where several of our days have been spent. 
 The 7th was our anniversary!!  We have been married 8 years!!  I am so thankful for Matt.  During the Ella training week he got up an hour early with me and while I got ready he made lunches for the kids and got everything together for us and then got the kids up and got them dressed.  He is so selfless and I just love him more every day!!
 He is also so thoughtful.  I had mentioned almost buying a lunch box but deciding I just didn't need it and so he went and bought a lunch box for me.  And a razorback necklace.  LOVE that man!!
 The kids were playing in Lilly's room and Lilly said, "Mom!  We built a fort!!"  So, this is their very first fort!!  They used the curtains, chairs, and the bed.  You can't see it real well but there was a good covered area. 
 I helped host a sip-and-see for my sweet friend Rebekah and baby Duke (and Cilla, of course).  We just love this family!!  Also, there will be a separate post with party details. 
 We did a food swap the day before we left for the beach.  Crazy timing but I am SO GLAD we did it because we will need these meals this month.  I also made some extra meals.  I will post recipes in a different post later, too.  All in all I stocked the freezer with 30 meals this week. 
 Then we spent last week at the beach.  Several posts to come on that. 
 Tuesday was Reid's birthday.  That already has it's own post.
 Wednesday Reid had surgery (that has it's own post already too). He is still doing awesome!  Such a praise!!  We also kicked off small group again this week and we are so happy to be reunited with all of our small group friends! 
Tank has not been himself lately so we took him to the vet yesterday and we found out he has diabetes.  Honestly from the possibilities the doctor gave us that morning (cancer, congestive heart failure, etc), we were relieved that it was something that we could manage.  He is on special food and we are giving him insulin for a week and then we will go back to see if his blood sugar has gone down and if we need to keep doing the insulin.  It has only been 24 hours and he is already feeling SO MUCH better.  We have joked that if we aren't taking the kids to the doctor, we are taking the dog. 

Today we pretty much just took it easy.  We had lunch at our favortie--Sam's Club--with some sweet friends and then just hung around the house.  We are looking forward to a three day weekend and the first Razorback football game of the season!

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Courtney said...

August was a super busy month for me too. So glad you had an enjoyable training, it at least makes it somewhat bearable if you get some great ideas and books. Those freezer meals sound awesome. I wish I had more space in my freezer to make ahead meals. I know it is such a blessing to end the day with a wonderfully prepared meal.