Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lilly is 4!!!!

My BABY girl you are FOUR!!!  It seems more possible to me that you should be four months...but if you were...we wouldn't be having all of the fun with you that we are now.  So, as a Mommy who just doesn't want you to grow so fast, I will try to embrace it! 
You, my daughter, are precious.   Your big personality keeps us laughing hysterically and on our toes all at the same time. 
 You are strong-willed and sometimes I think you are 4 going 14 because you already think you have everything figured out.  Heaven help us if the light turns green and I don't go right away--both you and your brother say, "Green go!"  If I tell you to do something you don't like you say, ""I just don't understand!"  I do my best to explain.  On my patient days. 
 You are such a sweet sister.  For the most part, you and Reid get along so well and play together.  You say he is your best friend.  (That is an answered prayer.)  You guys always get two of whatever you are getting--one for yourself and one for the sibling.  Whoever wakes up first ends up chomping at the bits waiting for the other one to get up. 
 You are fun!  You always want to play a game of some sort or do something crafty.  You are really starting to work on your crafting skills.  We made a birthday card for Aunt Michelle and your didn't want Reid to help because his marks were too "wiggly" and you were trying so hard "to make it beautiful for her."  I had to laugh and just assure you that Aunt "Michelle-eeee" would love his wiggly marks, too.  The other night you wanted us to turn on some music because you "just want to dance!"  And dance, my girl, you did. 
 You love to be silly.  One of the things you think is hysterical is to start singing a song and then put in silly words.  You crack yourself up!!
 You have just started learning songs that come on the radio in the car and the other day you walked around singing, "When I call on Jesus, some things are possible"  all day.  It took me a week to convince you that the words were ALL things are possible.  I am also learing (or more confirming) that you are listening even when we think you aren't. 
 Ohhhh, we just LOVE you!! 
 You still have a ton of facial expressions and we love each one of them.  Since you were a newborn your many facial expressions have cracked us up!  As your Mike says, you will probably never be a poker player.  You and I have faces that just give us away. 
 You so badly want to be somebody's boss, too.  You are always Reid's "tenden" (pretend) Mommy.  The other day he was calling, "Mommy!"  And I went to answer him and you said, "He is talking to me."  So then he called out, "Tenden Mommy!"  You line all of your dolls up and tell them when it is time to eat and that they have to take two more bites and to put their listening ears on and put them to bed and so on and on. 
You are developing such a servant's heart and LOVE to vaccuum and help with dishes and pretty much just be my helper.  It is so great to see how God is shaping your heart and character.  Your excitement and laughter about life is contagious and we are so blessed and thankful that God chose us to be your parents!  We love you SO much!!  Love, Mommy and Daddy

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