Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kid's Day Out

Well Kid's Day Out started back up this month! 
 This was on Open House day. 
 Isn't she precious?!
 My sweet girl and I.
 I love the look on her face in this picture!  We had a scavenger hunt around the room to help the kids get to know where everything was and find their own spaces and things to do.  Lilly did great and found all of the places including the treasure box at the end.  (: 
 One of the little boys in the class asked to have his picture taken with Lilly.  This is what happened.  Ha!  A cute story about Lilly.  There is another little girl in her class named Leah and when Lilly went to find her name she found Leah's name first (because they both start with L)...well, later when I was asking her the questions to this questionnaire it asked who her best friend is and she said, "Leah!"  I said, "Honey I don't think you have even met Leah!"  She put her hand on her hip and said, "I have met her.  I do know her.  And she IS my best friend!!"  It was so funny.  And, as things have shaken out, they are pretty good little buddies.  ( : 
 Reid and I.
 In Reid's room they got to create their own barn scene and he loved that and looking at all the farm books.  This boy LOVES the farm and farm animals. 
 They had all kinds of fun activities in the lobby of the building including stick horses and cowboy hats!  (: 
 This is Lilly on the first day of school.  She was pumped!!
 She is still loving it after a month--so that is a good sign! 
 Reid.  Okay all that is in his backpack is his sleeping bag and then his lunchbox is clipped on his backpack.  When he put his backpack on for the first time he just fell right over.  I am so glad he laughed at himself because I was cracking up!  It was precious. 
 He stood at my door (I teach the class right next to his and there is a door that the two rooms share) and yelled for me a good chunk of the first day but after that he has loved it.  I am glad! 
I made these trees for our room.  I got the idea when we went to the Hands-On Children's Museum.  I just cut a tree shape out of a cardboard box, painted the trunk, and added green felt as the leafy part.  Then I added Velcro to the apples and peaches.  My co-teacher's husband actually used a saw on the foam board for the corn because we couldn't cut it so I would recommend just regular poster board for that next time.  I love these because they went with farm and they go with Fall, too. 
 We have done lots of fun, hands-on learning activities in our room this month!  One of the things we did was make butter using baby food jars and heavy whipping cream and we did the butter boogie to make it.  I got the idea from here.  We are all having a blast with KDO this year!!

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