Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reid is Potty Trained!!

 Guess why this handsome guy is so happy?!?!

 We have said bye-bye to diapers...
and HELLO to big boy underwear!!!
 About a week and a half ago (Wednesday, September 26th to be exact : ) Reid came into the room holding his diaper in his hand and said, "Mommy I went tee-tee in the potty!!"  I said, "Good job buddy!"  We were about to go for a walk so I said, "Let's get a fresh diaper on" and he replied, "No.  I don't want to wear diapers anymore!!"  And he hasn't.  We are SO PROUD of him!!!! 
 He loves all of his different underwear and we are trying to convince him that he can just wear one pair each day because even though he isn't having accidents he is going through several pairs a day.  He just keeps randomly changing them from Lightning McQueen to Buzz Lightyear to Finding Nemo to Finn McMissile, etc. 
 Another funny thing is we either have to put his underwear on backwards or have him wear shorts all the time because he is fascinated with the flap in the front.  We have all been flashed this week.  Ha! 
I seriously can not believe how easy this has been--he decided he was ready and just went for it!!  As for Matt and I--since we became parents 4 years ago with Lilly--we have never NOT had to buy, yeah, we are pretty excited, too!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweet boy! 


Courtney said...

Way to go Reid! Logan was the same way, he had to decide for himself and then he was done.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Good job sweet boy! Thomas has been trying on/off, but hasn't made a full commitment just yet...I have to admit I am looking forward to not having any children in diapers. Makes getting out and about so much easier!

Hope you all are doing well.