Friday, October 12, 2012

Our weekend

 Last Friday was Friday Night Out.  I have mentioned it before but our church offers free childcare twice a month for parents to have a date night and we have been so blessed by this program!  We went to dinner with our friends Flint and Rebekah to Shogun's.  Our sweet neighbors gave us a gift certificate there and he is one of the managers and we were treated very special.  Is was so sweet of them!  After dinner we went to Bliss and had a cupcake.  Shhhh...don't tell the kids.  (:  Of course I forgot to take any pictures so we took the above with the IPad after we put the kids to bed. 
 Then I discovered the PhotoBooth app and we played with this for a while.  The above is the x-ray filter.
This was the light tunnel filter. I was way more entertained by this than Matt was but he was a good sport about it.  (; 
 Saturday morning we got up and headed to a local park to meet up with some friends for the NWA Down Syndrome Buddy Walk.  There were several there that aren't pictured here. 
 We all met up to Buddy Walk for sweet Miss Isabella.  We just love her and sweet family so much!!  Aren't those boots and her hat just precious?? 
 Matt and I thought the walk started at 10 so we got there at 9:45...but the walk didn't start until 11.  Whoops!  It did give us a chance to play some games, though! 

 The kids came home with all kinds of trinkets they won. 
 Both of the kids were so excited to see some mascot-like things walking around.  Lilly wanted her picture taken with them.  Precious! 
 Giving a high five! 
 Reid would wave but he wasn't leaving the stroller because it just kept getting colder and colder.  We are so thankful we could be there to support and be a part of the walk with our sweet friends! 
 Friday night on the way home Matt gave me a typed up piece of paper (with clip-art) that he had made that said "Schedule of Events" 1--Lunch with a friend at the restaurant of your choosing.  2.  Massage at 1:30 and 3.  Manicure and Pedicure.  So Saturday after the walk--I went home and changed clothes and got to go do all of those things with my friend Laura!  It was AWESOME!!!  Matt even had cash for me tip and had called ahead and paid--he was so thoughtful in all the details!  I kept asking, "Why?  Is this for my birthday?"  And he kept saying, "No--I just thought you would enjoy it!"  He was right and I am so thankful!!!  Not only did he plan this awesome day but he cleaned the whole house (like I would clean it--too!) and did all of the laundry while I was out all while watching the kids and the razorback football game.  I am SO BLESSED to be his wife! 

After I got home Lilly wanted to go Hammontrees for dinner so we did and it was yummy as always.
 Sunday morning we went to church and then as soon as we got home we heard about Matt Turner.  We have been heartbroken for Julee and Preslee ever since and are praying for them for the next few weeks and months--please join us!  I finally finished the above frames for Reid's rooms.  I started painting them in May and they have just been sitting in our bedroom mocking my laziness ever since so I was thrilled to get them out of my bedroom, finished, and hung up on the wall where they belong.
 I also touch-up painted our whole house on Sunday.
And I started to clean our grout.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to get it all done in one day...but I had no idea how dirty it was and how obvious it was going to be that I didn't clean it all.  It is BAD.  I used this recipe to make a cleaner and it works really good...maybe a little too good.  Ha!

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