Monday, October 8, 2012


Cinderella came out of the vault last Tuesday and we had big plans for that Tuesday night including a royal tea party along with Lilly and Reid watching Cinderella for the very first time!!  We have been waiting for Cinderella to come out for MONTHS.  Every time Lilly sees a group of Disney Princesses--she will point out Cinderella and say, "I haven't seen that one!"  Well--Tuesday afternoon Lilly got we had to postpone the royal tea party and just watch the movie.  They both loved it!
 Even though Lilly was not feeling well she wanted to wear her costume.  ( ;  On Thursday night we were finally ready for all of the fun!
 We started out by making sugar cookies (from the bag--no need and getting all crazy and going from scratch.  Ha!  :) and then cutting out glass slippers, castles, prince or princess crowns (you know, since Reid is a boy and all), hearts, and a flower.
 We baked them and let them cool.  Then I had the kids leave the kitchen while I set up the table.  They kept coming to peek in the kitchen every 5 seconds.  They were so excited!
 I picked up a Cinderella table cloth and some white cups, napkins, and plates at Wal-Mart.  It really didn't take much effort or money at all to make a fun little night full of memories with the kids--I need to remember that more often. 
 We had prince and princess punch (aka Raspberry Lemonade)
 And since this was a night for the kids and all, I made what they requested.  Chicken nuggets, fries, and cheese.
 And the stuff to decorate our sugar cookies. 
 The kids were so excited they actually WANTED me to take pictures of them. 
 Love that smile! 
 These kinds of things are totally Lilly's love language.  She must have said, "Mommy I just love you so much!" about 100 times during our royal tea party.  And, no, I never got tired of hearing it.  ( :  She would also stop what she was doing and get down and come over and hug and kiss me and go back to having fun.  It was pretty great. 
 Reid covered his cookie in icing and was ready to eat it.  Lilly, on the other hand, just kept decorating.  She would take a bite and then decorate some more. 
 Daddy even got in on the fun!! 

 Yummy!  Right before we started the movie Reid said, "I'm so proud of my tea party!"

 And, of course, we had to watch Cinderella again. 
I LOVE these special moments with my sweet family!!

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Courtney said...

What a fun event. It is the simple things that the kids will always remember.