Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dinosaurs or Dino-roars

 Saturday morning DeDe and I took the kids to go see some dinosaurs!  Matt's cousin had mentioned it on facebook and I was so glad because this dinosaur exhibit was only in town for that weekend.  We have watched several of The Land Before Time movies so I was hoping they wouldn't get scared...and, thankfully, they didn't!  In fact, they referred to all of the triceratops as "Sara" from the movie.  ( ; 
 They had buttons that you could push that made the dinosaurs move different parts of their bodies or roar. 
 There were names and facts about each dinosaur...but of course, now, I can't remember any of their names or info...should've taken a picture of that, too! 
 Brontosaurus...or long neck as we call them in this house. 
 I promise she wasn't hanging on this dino--she was just touching it.  (:  I call this one...the duck dinosaur.  Clever, I know. 
 Look at those teeth!
 Checking out "Sara's Daddy"
 Sharp tooth!   (If you have never seen The Land Before Time you are probably missing the humor of some of these remarks.)
 Checking out the dinosaur heads.  A little creepy?  Maybe. 

 Taking a picture with T-Rex.

 They also had a "dinosaur dig" where the kids used paintbrushes to brush away the sand to find dinosaur bones.  Lilly LOVED this!  I think she would have stayed there all day!
 Reid would do it in 5 second intervals before trying to run off to the next thing. 
 They also had a coloring area.

 Reid was terrified of this!  I had to carry him over and have him touch it to feel that it was all soft foam before he would take a picture with it.  Checking it out.  Check out my sassy girl.  ( :

 We also played some dinosaur mini-golf. 
 Reid showing off some one-handed golfing action. 
 And if he wasn't making it in the hole fast enough he would just pick it up and set it by the hole and tap it in. 
 This was Lilly's first time to ever mini-golf!  She picked up on pretty quickly.  Reid had been mini-golfing with his Daddy once before while Lilly and I were at a girls-only birthday party. 
 Getting through the dinosaur head! 
 Knocking it in! 
 Then we got some face/arm painting.  Someone asked Lilly if she had a tattoo and she said, "No!  It's just dinosaur paint!" 
 Checking. Himself. Out!  ( ;
 His was called the dinosaur bone. 
 And last, but not least, Lilly went on a dinosaur ride.  She smiled from ear to ear the entire time!!  Reid was not interested! 

 LOVE her!
Waving to DeDe and Bubby!   We had such a fun morning checking out all of the dinosaurs and there has been A LOT of roaring around our house ever since.  ( :  I really do cherish these special memory days and experiences with our sweet family. 

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Courtney said...

Glad they had such a fun day. I think my parents took Logan to the same exhibit last winter.