Monday, October 15, 2012

Fire Safety

Well last week was fire safety week and on Monday a fireman came to KDO and brought his fire truck!!
 Reid wore his fireman boots and rain coat in honor of the special day. 
 And, of course, Lilly wanted her photo taken, too.  (: 

 I wish I could show you a picture of all of the kids ages 2-5 sitting perfectly still because they were and I was amazed! ( ;
 The fireman talked about fire safety.
 Then step by step his partner put on his fire fighter suit and explained what each piece was for and how it was still him under all of that stuff. 
He got on the floor and waved and crawled through the kids giving them high fives. 
 Then all of the kids practiced crawling "under the smoke" to get outside. 
 Then we got to go outside and tour the fire truck! 
 Lilly wouldn't take a picture alone with the fireman so I took one for the team.  Ha!
 Climbing across the truck. 
Driving!  Watch out!  Ha!  We had lots of fun learning about fire safety.  Besides the awesome visit from the firemen and getting to see the fire truck we also stop, dropped, and rolled to get tissue paper flames off of our backs, did a science experiment with birthday candles to see what a fire needs to burn (air, heat, and a source), we stapled wax paper to sentence strips to show what it would look like in a smoky room, crawled underneath the tables to practice crawling under the smoke, and read some books about fire safety and fire trucks! 

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