Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hannah's Birthday Party

 Saturday afternoon we went to Hannah's birthday party.  We just love her and her sweet family! 
 Excited about some cake!  Most of Lilly and Reid's birthdays are in the fall and so are a lot of our family's, too, which means that in the fall...we eat a lot of cake!  (I am not complaining.  I am really just trying to explain why there is cake in almost every post.  :)
 Here are the kids at the par-tay!  I took several pictures and this is the one where the most people are looking. 
 At every birthday party Hannah is SO INTO presents.  She just sits there and watches as the birthday girl/boy opens each present so I always LOVE it when it is her turn to get all the presents!! 
 There were lots of fun things for us to do.  The kids painted pumpkins.  Lilly painted a couple.  She insisted on painting one for Baby Brianna.  Unfortunately she dropped it on the way to the car and it was covered in grass and dirt so it didn't make it home. 
 Reid and Lilly say, "I'm going to make it beautiful!!" every time we do any craft now. 
 I LOVE this picture!   There was a cute little photo op!
 And a tractor.  Both Lilly and Reid spent a good amount of time on this tractor!
 At one point I heard Lilly yell, "Everybody on the ship!!"
 Reid played on the trailer--I had to keep asking him to keep the hay IN the trailer. 

 Then we went on a hayride! 
 I had to laugh because as I was taking pictures there were a couple of boys who were willing to pose! 

We had a great time and loved celebrating sweet Hannah! 

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