Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday--Summer Fun!

Well we are busting out all of our warm clothes here today because it is chilly!!  So I thought I would post about some things we did this summer when the temperatures were in the 100s! 
 Daddy surprised the kids with this sprinkler ball one day and we had LOTS of summer fun with it! 
 We ran all through it and around it! 

 We played a lot in the water that sprayed out from where the hose connects to the water spout.

 We drove through the car wash!  (Pretend--the ball or the water spraying at the hose was the car wash for their "mertyl-cycles."
 They tried to move the ball to spray Mommy while she was taking pictures!  Ha!  And we drank from the sprinkler!
 Then they chased Mommy if she wasn't playing with them and trying to stay dry! 

 And we smiled and laughed a lot, too!
 This was a picture of Reid giving me a BIG, WET hug. 
 Pretty proud of himself!
 We played lots of chase!
 And, of course, were as cute as we could be while doing it!
 We ate lots of popsicles!

 And washed them off in the sprinkler!
 And when it was just too hot to bear any longer...
the kids did some streaking!  (:  In case you can't read his bottom it says, "censored!" 

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