Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little Bit of Lately

 Wednesday we went to a local place that has lots of bouncy houses.  Look at my sweet little doll with her hands clasped and hair braided!  I love Wednesdays because we can get around at our own pace and not have to rush around.  We are also getting as much wear out of the Halloween clothes as possible.  (: 
 You have to wear socks at the bouncy place and this is what Reid wanted to wear.  He looked so cute I just wanted to hug him and squish his little cheeks! 
 Thursday was "Mother Goose Days" at KDO.  The kids were supposed to dress like a Mother Goose Nursery rhyme character.  (There will be a separate post about all that after Monday--which is the other Mother Goose Day.)
 Both Reid and Lilly went as the farmer from The Farmer and The Dell.
 Love that she has both of her hands in her pockets! 
 Both Lilly and Reid LOVED Mother Goose Day!
 Friday we didn't have anything planned.  That is rare for us!  We played at the house and ran a couple of errands and met Matt for lunch at Taco Bell.  That evening we went by to see our friends one more time before they left for Canada!  We are going to miss them!  I really think that there needs to be a rule where no more of our friends can move!!! 
 We went to the Dalmut's for dinner and then we all went to the Volleyball game.  Or as Lilly and Reid call it The "Bolley-Bolley" game. 
 The kids LOVE to go to the volleyball games.  The U of A band and mascots are there.  We love it because it is a cheap and fun family night! 

 Reid watching the game. 
 Acting silly with Daddy.
 Watching the band and the cheerleaders.  I love when they do the pyramid and raise the razorback flag!  But my favorite part of going...
 is watching the kids DANCE!!!
 You guys--they BUST a MOVE!
They have a great time and entertain the crowd!  That is Lilly's favorite part of going...Reid's is having popcorn as a snack and high-fiving the mascots. 

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