Monday, October 22, 2012

Jessica's Wedding

Last Saturday night Matt's cousin Jessica got married.  Lilly LOVES weddings and she was so excited to go.  Reid, on the other hand, thinks they are just too loud for him so he was happy to stay with Aunt Kay while the rest of us went to the wedding. 
 They got married at The Women's Club in Little Rock and it was all very beautiful.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the food spread and tables as we walked in but I was very distracted by wanting to eat...especially the caramelized bacon. 
 We are excited for Jessica and Rob!  The whole time they were saying their vows I could hear Lilly asking DeDe, "When are they going to kiss??"  Sometimes I wonder how she even picked up on that??  I think this is the first wedding ceremony she has attended.  Either way, it was cute.
 Jessica made a beautiful bride! 
 I was taking pictures of Jessica and Rob dancing and looked down to see Lilly taking pictures right next to me.  Ha!  Notice she still has the dinosaur ink from earlier that day--this was a fun-filled day for her for sure! 
 Cake time!  One of my main motivations for going to weddings!  Ha!  I am mostly kidding. All kidding aside though, that cake was GOOD!  (: 
 Another reason I love weddings is that you get to see lots of loved ones! 
 My handsome date! 
 Our sweet little fam!  (Minus Reid--but he did have a fun time without us.  :)
 Aunt Becca and Uncle Bert!  Baby Breanna stayed with Becca's mom during the wedding. 
 The girls--in descending order (ha--it's funny because I am short)--Becca, DeDe, and Me!  In family pictures I always want to stand on something!  I think I am going to get myself a picture stool. 
 Mike, Lilly, and DeDe
 Karl and Jenny--it is always fun to see these two! 
 Bert and Matt.  Matt, Bert, and Mike left to watch the end of the razorback football game while Lilly, Becca, DeDe, and I hung around to socialize! 
Cousin Daryl and Aunt Susan--always happy to see them, too!
 Jessica, her Dad Tim, and her brother Timothy. 
I call the rest of this post...evolution of Lilly's wedding dancing.  Lilly LOVES to dance but she can be shy in new situations and places. 

 So she started off by watching from the sidelines.  At points you could tell she was holding herself back because her little legs were still bouncing while she was trying to stand still. 
 The next part I can't explain.  She would go onto the dance floor and get down like this and then put one leg up in the air behind her. 
 Then she was back on the sidelines swaying back and forth.  I don't have a picture but I drug her on the dance floor and spun her around a couple of times and she thought that was pretty fun. 
 Then she wanted to dance with DeDe for a little while. 
And finally she was brave enough to dance with Jessica.  And she danced with Jessica every chance she got for the rest of the night.  She thought Jessica was a princess because of that big white dress and to quote her, "She just loves her so much!" 
 All the little girls wanted to dance with Jessica.  There was a lot of this happening. 
 Then, when Jessica was dancing with other people (gasp!) or talking with friends, Lilly busted out her big twirls!!  LOVE this girl and that she is so girly-girly!!
Also a really sweet touch for kids is that they had a customized coloring book made up for each of the kids!  We had such a fun time and are praying for an awesome marriage for Jessica and Rob!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the recap post! I was so sorry I had to miss the wedding.

Courtney said...

Beautiful wedding. I love the dance progression on Lilly, that would have been me as a child!

Jessica said...

Sara, I just saw this! Thank you so much for posting these wonderful pictures! We had such a great time and I'm glad that you did as well. Give my favorite dance partner a big hug for me and we look forward to seeing you all over the holidays!