Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visiting MamMa

 While we were in Benton we went to see MamMa. 
 We went by later and she was ready for bed but she stayed up to visit with us anyway.  ( :  We just love that MamMa! 
 And she just loves us! 
 Making baby Breanna laugh! 
 Isn't she just too cute for words?? 

 Reid was very excited to take his dinosaur into show MamMa! 
 Making it get Breanna! 
 And then I remembered that I never posted the pictures from when we went to see MamMa way back in June.  Becca and I were taking the pictures here--we laugh because we are rarely in the pictures--but the lives of our children are well documented!  (:
 To pass the time when we see MamMa sometimes the boy needs to be creatively detained.  Ha!
 MamMa was tickling Lilly here...
 and tickling Breanna here. 
 Reid is snuggling with Mike and playing with the IPhone. 
 And Lilly is snuggling Uncle Bert and playing with the IPhone.  The IPhone is a good way to get some snuggle time!  (: 
We always love going to visit MamMa and are so thankful for the time we get with her!! 

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