Thursday, October 25, 2012

Festive Fun w/Friends!

 Last week we went over to Dallas and Levi's house for a fun and festive playdate!  The kids got together and played and Dallas had all of the stuff ready for the moms to create some fun treats for lunch! 
 We made Mummy Dogs!  This was Lilly and Reid's first time ever to eat a hot dog.  And...Lilly LOVED them.  She has been asking me to make them again.  Ha!  I am so proud of her because she wasn't exited to try it but she did try it and liked it.  I feel like that is a huge step.  (: 
 We also made caramel apples...
 and then dipped them in chocolate and various other candies.  They were as good as they look!!!  I should also tell you it was pretty funny with Dallas, Laura, and I in the kitchen trying to make this from-scratch caramel BUT we did it and it was YUMMY! 
 Lilly went with the sprinkles and mini chocolate chips for toppings. 
 Reid went with the Halloween crushed Oreos.
 I think Levi had the sprinkles and m&ms...including candy corn m&ms...which are ridiculously good.  
 Addy went with M&Ms, too.
Sam shared with Addy. 
 All of the kids (and moms) ate those us with no problem!  We even took some by Matt's work so he could have a special treat, too.  So thankful for fun times with friends!
And, on a not-so-fun note, last Monday I was cleaning out the van and on may way inside I saw a black spider.  It looked dead but I wanted to make sure so I took Reid's boot to move it.  It flipped over and I saw the above and about hyperventilated.  I ran and grabbed my camera and took a picture because it was bigger than I thought a black widow was smaller.  I googled images and sure enough this IS a black widow!!!  On our front porch.  Thankfully it was already dead and I am choosing (after some time to stop panicking) to view this as God protecting us from danger even when we didn't even know it was there.  This has taken some time since my initial reaction was, "Matt it is time to move!"  ( : 

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Anonymous said...

What a fun time with friends and your sweet kiddo's! Those apples with chocolate and candy were calling my name...Happy Halloween to you all! I hope you all have fun!