Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lilly & Reid's Birthday Party

Well this year we decided to have the party at a local pumpkin patch called Farmland Adventures.  It is a pumpkin patch that has all kinds of farm animals and fun things for the kids to do.  God was AWESOME and gave us perfect weather--which was a blessing because they close when it rains and we had NO backup plan--so PRAISE the Lord!!
 The day of the party I had no idea what the kids were going to wear.  I had been looking for the past two days but with no luck.  About 3 hours before the party my mom sent me a picture of the above outfit that she came across while shopping!  I was a little stressed but this was PERFECT! 
 Lilly already had that cowgirl hat and the outfit that matched.  I found her and Reid's boots the morning of the party, too.  The only reason the outfits for this party worked out is because God had mercy on a busy Mommy and provided and I am so thankful.  Seriously these were the only two pair of boots in our city (or at least the 8 stores that I had been too--and this store only had TWO pair) and they just happened to be in the exact two sizes that we needed.  There is no request too small to take to God, folks!!
 There was a lot to do at the party.  They had a baby pig that you could pet.

 And they had lots of farm animals for you to see, feed, and pet. 

 Lilly is so gentle and would feed the animals pretty much grain by grain.
 Reid, on the other hand, fed them cup by cup.

 They also had (unlimited) pony rides.  This birthday girl had a blast!!

 Reid waited until the end of the night to get on--but once he got on and rode--he did NOT want to stop!

 I just love this little three-year-old cowboy!!
 They had a hug hay stack with a tunnel underneath for the kids to climb on,
 stand on,
 jump off,
and climb through.  ( :
 They also had a big corn pit.  I don't know who thought of this--but it is genius.  The kids LOVE it.  They get in it,
 play with it and throw it,
 dig in it,
 roll in it,
 and just have a blast in it!  I love this picture because Reid looks so precious and Jake in the background cracks me up! 

This was towards the end of the party and I finally got him to stop and smile so I took advantage.
 We also went on a wagon ride.  They gave all the kids tortillas to feed the chickens.
 Can you tell Reid had been running hard??  Look at those rosy cheeks! 
 Did you know that chickens love tortillas??  They came running up and followed us the whole time they were throwing out tortillas. 
Again, Reid threw out his whole tortilla and Lilly broke off the tiniest pieces and threw them to the chickens itty bitty piece by itty bitty piece. 
They had pig races which were kind of funny to watch.  I didn't get a picture of the baby pigs but they were the cutest!!

 We also had a campfire and we roasted hot dogs and made smore's.  I made the kids grilled cheese.  I was pretty proud of that.  ( : 
 We got the cake from Rick's and it was SO CUTE! 

 It had the pond on top and different farm animals around the sides.  Lilly is upset in the background of this picture because she got icing on her accidentally.  This is how Reid looked while we sang  Happy Birthday to him.
 This is how Lilly looked while we sang Happy Birthday to her.  Ha! 
 I didn't get a picture of the whole table because it was really windy and the tent that we were supposed to be under had been torn to shreds in the thunderstorm the night before.    We had these farm animal suckers in buckets on the table...
And these pig and cow squeezy footballs as party favors.
After everybody left the party (a post of party guests will be on here tomorrow), the kids went to check out the animals one last time before we left.

 This time they just wanted to pet them.
 Reid kept holding out his hand to see if they would lick his hand.  If they did he would just giggle and say, "It licked me!!"  If they didn't he would say, "Nope, he doesn't want to lick me!" 

 This little pony liked Reid and he thought it was pretty funny, too. 
 Sitting on a BIG bull. 
The party was lots of fun.  This was at the end.  We were walking to the car and Reid sat down and said, "I don't want to leave!"  After we got in the car as we were driving away Lilly said, "That was a GREAT party!!"  That was really all we wanted was for them to feel like they had a great party so I would say it was a success!  Thank you to all of who came out to help us celebrate our two sweet kiddos! 
 When we got home, they opened presents and I hope they realized how blessed they are to have so many people that love them!
Can't believe these babies are 3 and 4!!! 


Courtney said...

What a fun party. That is such a great place to have a fall birthday. The cake is ADORABLE! Logan loves playing in the corn, in fact, he likes to bury himself in it.

Kids Birthday Party Boca Raton said...

Wow, it's an amazing birthday party. Kids faces glow with joy and they participate well in this party.