Friday, September 28, 2012

Party Guests!

 Lilly and Reid had lots of sweet friends come to celebrate their birthdays with them!  We are so blessed and are so thankful for each one! 
 Kayson playing in the corn.
and his twin brother Jake.  Their mom is my co-teacher at Kid's Day Out. 
 Will came dressed for the farm!  Love this boy and his fun-loving personality! 
 Lilly and Reid's cousin Ethan.  He looked so big next to all of the little kids.  Can't believe how fast he is growing! 
 Sweet Cilla styling in her cute football outfit.  I haven't mentioned that the party overlapped with the start of the razorback football game so these sweet friends get extra credit for coming!   (: 
Addy.  Addy's birthday is the day after Lilly's--they were actually only born like 3 hours apart.  Her little brother Sam is one of Reid's best buddies but he was sick the day of the party. 
 Anna loved the pony rides.  I think she may have rode them at least 20 times.
 And her adorable little sister Emma. 
 Lilly and Reid's cousin Emma.  Emma and Lilly are at the age where they can play together now and they make very sweet friends. 
Laci--we actually went to Laci's party at farmland adventures last year and knew right away that we were going to be having their party there this year! 
Lilly and Reid's cousin Baby Brianna came all the way from Texas to party with us!!  The kids LOVE Baby Brianna and have named several of their baby dolls after her.  Lilly makes almost all of her "school" projects for Baby Brianna.  ( : 
 Deuce--little cutie! (somehow I didn't get a picture of his older brother Diesel--oops!)
Xander--try as I did I could not get a picture of him looking up--he was having too much fun.  (:
 Xander's little sister Isabella.
 Cruz--he is just 3 weeks younger than Reid! 
His older brother Trevor. 
 Lilly, Anna, and Addy--these girls have grown up in the same room at church (and at KDO for a while.)
 Lilly and Addy were watching the pig races. 
 Reid was running around so I didn't manage to get any pictures of him and friends...most of the kids were on the move!  However I forgot to add this picture to the party post--LOVE Lilly's face in this picture!
 We had some cute party hats--so here are some party hat pictures.  Jack sporting the duck.
Jake sporting the cow.
 Cruz sporting the horse. 
 And Will sporting the duck.  There was a cute pig hat but I didn't get a picture of it.  Boo!  I also missed a picture of Trenton and Trevor, too.

And of course all of these kids came with their parents and we love them, too.  Just not enough to take a picture of them.  Ha!  I am just kidding!!  But...I really did not get a picture of a single parent or grandparent.  I am still trying to figure out how I took 200 pictures and missed so many things!!  Thank you to all of you who came to make this day extra special for Lilly and Reid!!! 

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