Thursday, August 2, 2012


Whew--this has been A week!  So let me just go all the way back to Grandma's surgery last Wednesday.  I will just start by saying the Lord was such a comforter that day for me-from each song that played on the radio on our way to the hospital to getting there at the same time as my sweet friend Tiffany and her daughter Molly Cate (pictured below).
 I had forgotten to make myself a drink before I left the house and, without knowing that, Tiffany showed up at the hospital with a tea in hand for me to drink.  They decided to surprise us by coming to the hospital to hang out and help us pass the time.  The tea was just a little detail that God used to reassure me that He was in the details of this day. 
 We were at the hospital a little over three hours and the kids did GREAT.  They pretty much sat like this and watched stuff or played games on the IPAD.  They had no idea we owned an IPAD until that day.  Funny side note-they call it an Innotab because that is what they have. 
 There was lots of family there, too, like my mom and sister. 
 My Uncle Larry and Molly Cate passed the time being silly.  ( ;
 Grandma's surgery went well.  She had to stay a couple of extra days in ICU because of bleeding and that led to a couple of scares (it was like a roller coaster there for a couple of days) but now she is doing much better.  We are thankful! 
 Reid has worn at least 16 band-aids each day this week.  His ears hurt so he keeps getting band-aids for his legs.  He has an ear infection (he has tubes so you can tell when his ears are infected) so I took him back to the ENT dr yesterday.  I thought I was just going for some amoxicillin so I wasn't really prepared when they told me he would have to go back into the operating room to take his tubes out.  Oh, and while they are in they are going to remove his adenoids, too.  Bless his heart-he has been miserable these past couple of days.  He seems to feel a little better today, though, so we are thankful for that.
And then this girl woke up with a fever and has laid around or slept all day long.  For my child that regularly tells me, "But it SO hard to sleep!" this is a change of pace.  Anyway, there is lots to be done with two sick kids so I better get busy but I thought I should give a quick update and put a couple pictures on for the grandparents!

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Courtney said...

Glad to hear your grandma is recovering from her surgery. Hopefully the kids will follow along on the road to recovery.