Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Thanksgiving Program

Well I went from being a good blog-every-day blogger to taking a 3 week hiatus.  OOPS!  It all started with this little Thanksgiving program.  We did this and have been busy ever since!  I will do my best to catch up on ALL that we have been up to...but first, I want to give full attention to Lilly and Reid's first Thanksgiving program and all their cuteness! 
 Reid's room dressed up like Indians.  Look at him!  He is so precious!! 
 I put "Cheif Running Reid" on the back because that is all that boy does right now is go non-stop!  Also, on a side note, I did crack myself up by putting that on the back.  Ha! 
 Love this sweet boy! 
 Lilly's room dressed up like pilgrims.  Isn't she precious??  Seriously, y'all, I squealed at the cuteness of all the kids dressed up!  I just love it! 
 I teach music at KDO (don't ask me how, it is one of those ironic God things!) so during the program I am in front of them to direct so I couldn't be watching just Lilly and Reid the whole time, but I told them if they sang and did the motions and stayed in their spot and kept their hands to themselves that we could go to the candy store after and they could pick out some candy.  I also told them that Daddy would be watching for Mommy. 
 During the program Lilly sang and did her motions and kept her hands to herself and stayed in her spot like a champ. 
 And she looked just adorable doing that! 
 Reid sat in his spot...but did not sing or do one motion.  Ha!  He is consistent because that is exactly what he did last year.  And he looked adorable doing it.  ( ; 
 Oh, and apparently at some point, he was picking his nose.  Nice!  I am not going to lie--I just saw that today as I was going through pictures to post and I have not stopped laughing about it yet.  Of course when I asked Daddy how they did he said they both deserved candy.  ( ; 
 Until after we got candy and Reid was acting up and then Matt said, "Oh just so you know, he didn't sing one word!"  Hahaha! 
I am so proud of both of my cuties and they are both still singing all of their Thanksgiving songs! 

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Courtney said...

They look adorable. I love the back of Reid's vest.