Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Party Decor & Food

Okay so I don't know what got into me but I was in the mood to just get festive--so I had lots of fun getting ready for our Halloween party! 
 Our front door...
 featuring Lilly and Reid's handprint ghouls (idea source),
 milk jug ghosts (idea source),
 ghost lights (idea source),
 and, of course, our family carved jack-o-lantern.
 Then this is the table that is in our entry way.  (Lilly's princess sippy cup photo bombed my picture.  Ha!)
 Mummy candles (idea source).  I just used a roll of white crepe paper and some googly eyes.  My Halloween party decorating motto was "Put googly eyes on it!"  ( ; 
 Trick-or-treat buckets and candy for trick-or-treaters.
 And some handprint and footprint art from my favorite artists and the pumpkins that they painted last weekend at Hannah's birthday party.
 Tissue ball jack-o-lanterns and spiders.  You guys are not going to believe this...but I thought of this on my own!  This is probably the only idea I didn't get from Pinterest!  I was feeling pretty crafty for this!! 
 These hung right above the food table in the picture below.
 This was the kids' food table! 
 We had mummy dogs,
 strawberry ghosts,
 witch brooms and hats (I tried to PIN this so I could give proper credit but it said it was reported as inappropriate and wouldn't let me PIN it.)  I picked these fun treats because I knew Lilly and Reid could make them. 
 They were so excited to make some special treats.  Reid would make one and say, "I got another broom!" 
 You just turn the small reeces over (not the mini ones but not the big ones either) and then put a pretzel stick in it.  These must have been good because they were gone fast! 
 Lilly had to line all of hers up before she started.  She had a little assembly line going on.  ( : 

 Mandarin Oranges disguised as jack-o-lanterns (idea source).  ( ; 
 And then I put some chips in fun bags. 

 The drink station--I just drew ghost faces on some white cups, jack-o-lantern faces on some orange cups, and put some googly eyes on some black cups.  Cheap frugal and cute--just my style. 
 My friend Jennifer Smith brought this fun Ranch Dip--it was so good! 
 This was the dessert bar.  There was a candy apple bar (that we set up after trick-or-treating), cookie dough dip, pumpkin dip, and white-chocolate covered pretzels. 
 Jennifer made the cookie dough dip, too, and again it was so good! 
Then the adult food!  We had turkey and black bean chili and chicken tortilla soup.  I used my decorating motto and just added googly eyes to the bowls, too.  Ha!  If it didn't moved I googly eyed it!  I will try to add a recipe post this week, too.  I had so much fun planning it and crafting with the kids and getting everything ready and I was pleased with how it all turned out!  All of the trick-or-treaters are in the post below--so make sure you check out all of that cuteness!!

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