Friday, November 2, 2012


Wednesday night (Halloween) we had a little Halloween party at the house.
 We had some sweet friends from our church over.  Here are some of the kids--some had already started trick-or-treating right before we took this.  This was the one where the most kids were looking.  Ha!  Anna Kate as a bumblebee, Addy as Jesse, Cilla the ballerina, Brody the fireman, Hudson (not in costume yet), Lilly as Cinderella, Levi the fireman, Reid the cowboy farmer, and Sam as Woody.  I just kept squealing at all of the cuteness! 
 I had to post this picture because it cracks me up!  Nobody is looking and I don't know what Reid is doing with that hat.  Ha! 
 We painted some pumpkins.  I put out paint and then we are not sure it is washable.  I know we have gotten it on Lilly and Reid's clothes before and it came out but half-way through the painting we realized the bottles didn't have "washable" on them.  OOPS! 

 Creating some masterpieces! 

 We had some super cute trick-or-treaters come by including Cooper--our neighbor's little cutie!  (:
 Then we got ready to go trick-or-treating!  We could only find one of Reid's cowboy boots so we just went with Cars rainboots and then he wanted to wear that hat instead of his cowboy hat.  Ha!  I just love that boy! 
 Our little princess! She, too, traded her crown for that red headband.  ( ; 

 Sweet Cilla!
 Addison!  Look at those big blue eyes.  Precious!!
 "Trick-or-treat!" or "Happy Halloween!"  I will say I was so proud that all of our kids said, "Thank you!" at each house.  LOVE when I hear those sweet words!
 Lilly was the official door-bell-ringer of the night.  She LOVED trick-or-treating. 
 The kids gathered up waiting for some candy.  They would say, "Let's go to another house and get more candy!"  I laughed because they completely understood that if the light was on--they had candy!
 This house had a bowl with the hand in it and when they put their hand in the bowl the fake hand came down on their hand...NONE of the kids would put their hand in the bowl.  She had to turn it off.  Ha! 
This house just had candy in little bags ready for the kids.  They also had cards on them that invited them to our church so I thought that was awesome! 
 There was one house in our neighborhood that went all out.  The kids were calling it the "Halloween house."  I was kind of surprised that they weren't scared by it but they all liked it. 
 And then I loved this lady's outfit--she is pregnant and her shirt has a little baby skeleton on it. 
 Will the pirate! 
 And then baby Duke the frog. 
 Then this was one of my favorite costumes.  Brent dressed up as Matt for Halloween!  I thought it was hysterical.  Matt ALWAYS has a razorback shirt on and khaki shorts (year round regardless of the weather)...
 He had a name tag on that said, "Hello my name is Matt S." 
We had so much fun and are so thankful for sweet friends and the opportunity to make some fun memories!  Lilly and Reid had so much fun and have asked me 5 times today when the next Halloween is.  Ha!  I think they got enough candy to last us until then, too.  ( ;  Well, maybe not if I keep eating it all. 

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