Friday, November 30, 2012

Lilly & Reid Voted!

Election Day morning Lilly asked what we were going to do that day.  I told her we were going to vote.  Of course she said, "what is vote?"  So as I am trying to figure out how to explain who the President is and how we vote on who the President will be she asks, "why are we going to get presents (think President) on a boat (think vote)??  Sigh!  I tried again to explain and whatever I said must have satisfied her curiosity because she skipped off to get ready. 
Matt and I took the kids with us to go vote during Matt's lunch hour.  As we were waiting in line Reid kept saying, "We are going to have so much fun!"  I tried to tell him that we were just going to fill out a form and there wasn't much excitement in the voting room.  We also played what seemed like the world's longest game of "I spy" while in line.  Lilly was cracking me up!  She would say, "I spy something red." And then without pausing she would tell what it was, "It's that chair!"  Ha! The kids were both really good and Matt and I voted and we all 4 got "We Voted" stickers and all was good...until we left the voting room.  Reid started wailing "I didn't get to VOOOOOOTE!  I didn't get to VOOOOOOOOTE!"  He was inconsolable. And then Lilly started with the, "I want to vote, too!"  After talking with them for a second they both agreed that they would be happy if I would make them a ballot so they could vote at home.  So I did. 
 I thought about making a presidential ballot but decided I could at least teach what it meant to vote.  So I made them each a ballot.  Lilly got to vote on her favorite color, favorite princess, favorite milk, and favorite food. 
 And Reid got to vote on his favorite color, favorite Car, favorite milk, and favorite food.  Friends--they were SO EXCITED to vote!!
 And they took it very seriously!  Their little faces were so serious and they were in thought the whole time.  It was precious. 
 Lilly was very careful to just fill in the inside of the bubbles. 
 Reid was trying really hard to stay in the bubble, too.  I told him to just do his best--just make sure he only colored in ONE bubble. 
 His first ballot! 
Her first ballot!  They have asked to vote again, already.  I am really glad they threw such a fit because they didn't get to vote because we ended up having a special day! 

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