Friday, July 19, 2013


(Hang with me on this story--I PROMISE there is a point!)  One weekday a few weeks ago we were supposed to meet some friends for breakfast at the Airport Café to eat some breakfast and watch some airplanes take off.  The only problem was that it is summer and I lost track of what day it was and accidentally double booked us.  OOPS!  Ever since I did the Stuck bible study I have been trying to pray for God's guidance in the everyday I prayed over which one to do...and God kept telling me to do the other.  And to me--it just didn't make any sense at all!  The other I could have rescheduled to any other day of the week and been just fine--this was the ONLY day that I could get with this friend.  But, after God had made it perfectly clear multiple times (sometimes I keep asking just in case, you know ;) I called to cancel with my friend and it just so happened that we could meet for a later lunch.  Now why am I telling you all this??  When we got to the airport café--it had changed names and management and was NO LONGER OPEN FOR BREAKFAST!!!  How crazy is that?!??  Y'all!!!  I am telling you God cares about your everyday, little, ordinary details of your life!!
 We so enjoyed our time with our friends, our lunch, and watching airplanes while we were there! 

 "Look!  A plane!"
 We even got to watch a trick plane.  He did a dive down and had the smoke trail. 
 The new restaurant is really good!  They had their napkins folded like airplanes.  I thought that was a pretty cute touch! 
 I had the pizza and it was delicious...
 and the kids loved their grilled cheese.  Reid is trying to hand me his pickle in this picture.  Ha!  He's not a fan. 
 Oh, and I was saving this pictures for a "Happy 4th of July" post...but that didn't happen.  ( ;  My girl ready for fireworks.  About 8 hours before the fireworks actually happened.  Ha! 

 Happy boy! 
 Matt is his "forced freedom photo." 
Lilly and I killing some time making funny faces.  Well it is too late to wish you a Happy 4th but I do hope you all have a great weekend! (:   


Courtney said...

Just another reminder that God is in control. What a fun lunch. That pizza looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing how God works in the big and small details of our lives! He is always there we just have to take the time to notice. Speaking to myself! LOL
I love the patriotic outfits! Girl, I feel like the majority of our summer clothes are red, white, and blue!