Monday, July 1, 2013

Tulsa Fun Day!

 We woke up Saturday morning and decided on whim to head to Tulsa for the day.  My dad, brother, and nephews live over there and we had been talking about going for a long time and it just seemed like the perfect day to go visit!  I am SO GLAD we did because we had the best time! 
 We loaded the kids in the van and off we went. 
 We had to pass the time with some silliness because it is a little ways away from us.  <( ; 
 Of course because we decided to go and left just a few minutes later we didn't really think about the making sure we grabbed money for the toll road.  Once we realized we forgot, we thought it was probably no big deal because surely they take debit cards.  Ummmm, no.  No they do not.  We had to sit for like 10 minutes while she filled out all kinds of paperwork and asked us for everything but a DNA sample (holding up quiet a line of traffic I might add) in order to get this special "ONE-TIME ONLY!!" envelope so we could mail in the grand total of $2.50.  Lesson learned. 
 Nevertheless we were able to move on and made it to the zoo where we met my dad, brother, and nephews.  Reid does this any time he is facing the sun.  Notice he doesn't turn away toward me like the other children in the picture.  Ha! 
 One of the first animals we came to was this bear.  We watched him walk all around and then he came over and sat with his back to the window.  After about 5 minutes he turned and faced the window and I literally squealed with delight...and scared a few of the other people around me.  It was so awesome!  I have never been *this* close to a bear before! 
 Checking the kids out. 
 We were in the arctic area and they had this "Arctic Blast" machine and the kids all piled in it.  They thought it was hilarious! 

 Lilly posing in the cave.  Photo bomb courtesy of Hunter.  Ha!
 Zane laid back in the cave. 
 Hunter--the cave man. 
 Reid asked someone to hold him up to get a better look at pretty much every animal stop.  Mike and Dinka (what they call my dad) were willing to help a boy out.  (: 
 Can you see the lizard?  (Also I found out that I am terrible with actual specific names of the what kind of lizard this actually is.)
 A bird.  ( idea what kind of bird.  Maybe a Crane??)  Also a funny story about this bird.  Lilly was trying to get my dad to see it and he said, "What color is it?"  She just pointed at it and said, "It's THAT color!"  Ha. 
 This picture just reminds me of Psalm 42:1 "As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God."  I love it. 
 Looking for some type of huge lizard. 
 Hunter was carrying my camera bag and was posing like it was a purse.  My dad is surprising him in the background. 
 We brought the wagon for the kids and either Hunter or Zane pulled them all over the zoo.  I was like, "This is fabulous!"  Ha!  Dinka would also push them and let them "steer" and they thought that was hysterical. 

 Loved these albino alligators! 
This alligator snapping turtle was HUGE.  And it kept it's mouth open ready to snap at something.  Glad it wasn't me.  Eek!
 We had to stop for a snack break.  Just FYI--the lemonade at the Tulsa Zoo is delicious!!

 At the petting zoo area they have brushes and you can brush the animals.  Reid just sat down and brushed this goat for the longest time. 

 This goat got out and was trying to get to that sign.  It was funny. 
 A peacock.  I learned that a girl is called a peahen...only boys are called peacocks.  Thank you Tulsa Zoo souvenir cup for that little tidbit of knowledge. 
 Dinka said, "I need to see Reid for a minute."  And then took him and set him here.  Ha! 
 Wanting to take a picture.  (: 
 Ok so there was a place for fruitbats and we were looking in the case and all of the sudden we noticed that there were some out...right above our heads.  Niiiiiice. 
 This leopard was right by the glass (there were actually 2 of them).  Once again--awesome--never been this close to a leopard before.  They are beautiful!  And big! 
 This lizard trying to get out of the glass and onto Reid. 
 Pink flamingos.  Just for DeDe because she loves them!
 In front of the seal area there are bleachers for performances.  Lilly had us all sit down and put on a "recycle" (recital) for us.  She did a wonderful job.  (: 
 Then we played in this boat while we waited for the train. 

 When we got off the train there were squirrels right beside us just snacking on some popcorn. 
 And there were some HUGE tortoises. 
 A fun day at the zoo will just wear a kid out so they fell asleep pretty much before we left the zoo parking lot.  Please note the blue monkey and pink dolphin...because we are a sucker for a souvenir.  Ha!  I will say both kids have been inseparable from their stuffed animals since we left the zoo. 
 We checked out the Bass Pro Shop while we were waiting on Uncle Mike and the boys to have dinner.  Lilly loved the camping tents. 
 And Reid loved the elevator.  We also got a little dessert BEFORE dinner because that is how we roll in Tulsa. 
 I was heart-broken when I found out that Casa Bonita had closed down.  Matt, on the other hand, did a happy dance in the car.  Insensitive.  Ha!  Several of our friends recommended Ted's so we went there for dinner.  They bring queso to your table for free...and it is unlimited.  Lesson of the day?  I do NOT need access to unlimited queso. 
 I had their fajitas and it was great.  They also have free sopapillas for dessert and they were great.  So thank you Jennifer, Jill, and Susan for the recommendation--it was fabulous, indeed! 
 It was good to see these guys! 
As we were pulling into our neighborhood Reid said, "That was such a loooooong fun day!  Thanks for the long fun day!"  (:  And that is what it was, a long fun day! 

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Courtney said...

What a fun long day! Oh my goodness, free unlimited queso, I love that stuff! Good thing that restaurant is far away because I could be there everyday!