Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dance Parties & Hair Cuts

We were sitting around the other morning when Lilly got excited and said, "Mommy will you put on some music?  I just want to dance!"  Then she added, "Oh wait!  I have to go put on a dress so I can twirl!"
 And she came out like this.  I put some music on and her dance party started.  For a second.  Until she paused and started lining up all the chairs...
 and filling them with an audience.  She was having a "recycle" (recital) as she calls it.  Ha! 
 Reid was forced against his will reluctantly watched his sister dance.  ( ; 
 Love this all-girl-twirl-loving princess. 
 One morning I told Reid we were going to get his hair cut and his response was, "I don't need my hair cut!  It's not even in my eyes yet!!!"  Maybe not my best moment.  Ha! 

 He was really good for Mrs. Brittney! 

 Checking it out!
Verdict:  Handsome!  Love that sweet face! 

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