Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweet and Silly

 Lilly said, "Take a picture of me and Daddy!"  (:  Of course!
 Reid running around with this wrist warmer (??? It goes with a pair of my gloves)--he kept calling it his cast. 

 This boy just likes to run around in his underwear.  Apparently modesty is something you have to teach.  Ha!  Also, just as a funny side note, MoMo got him his first pair of boxer briefs and the child would NOT take them off.  I had to be like, "Okay buddy it is day 3--they HAVE to come off so we can wash them."  Haha!  Since then MoMo has supplied him with one pair for every day of the week.  ( ;
 We were going to meet some friends at the park the other day and Reid INSISTED that he wanted to wear this.  Until he had it on for five minutes.  Then he INSISTED on changing.  Some things you just have to figure out for yourself. 
 Ahhhh I just love her!
 He came out in this the other day and said, "I'm Batman!" 
 We were going to get yogurt the other day and Lilly ran to change into her "yogurt outfit."  I had the same thought but figured we would just look silly if we matched.  Ha! 
And a little Iron Man.  If these two leave the room, I NEVER know what they are going to look like when they come back.  And I love it.  Keeps life fun(ny). 


Courtney said...

I must go out and buy a yogurt outfit!! Logan loves his boxer briefs especially his ones that have Cars characters on them.

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