Friday, June 7, 2013

Barbie Is Moving Tour

Well today I surprised Lilly (and Reid) and took her to the Barbie Is Moving Tour. 
 She was very excited to be there.  They gave her a Barbie tote bag as soon as we got there and she has been dragging it around ever since.  Ha! 
 At first Reid turned his down but then decided to go for it so he wouldn't have to carry Twinky (his stuffed pig) around all day. 
 There was quite a line to get into the Barbie fashion runway when we got there.  They both did pretty good waiting in line. 
 Inside they had tutus, feather boas, and sunglasses that they could put on before they walked down the runway.  Lilly ONLY wanted to wear a tutu and she wanted the long light pink one.  (:  Look at that sweetness!!
 This cool dude strutted in some sunglasses. 
 Look at that cool smirk.  He knows he has it! 
 Ready to walk the runway.  She was very shy about this and covered her face.  That is, until, she saw that she was on the tv.  Then she posed and smiled.  Ha! 
 This guy!  This picture--I can't stop laughing. 
 They also took their pictures and then text them to me.  How fun!

 After that we went outside and they got to design and color their own Barbie dresses--which we got to take home and are already on our Barbie's here.  We also got to take the markers home so they have also added some more details.  (: 
 Of course Reid's just had a few splashes of blue.  Got to keep this manly.  ( ; 
 Next it was off to the MegaBlok area...which the kids LOVED. 
 This was in the center and it was pretty cool.
 They each got to design their own room.
 Lilly took it a little more serious and showed a tad more focus on this part.  Ha!!
 Lilly's room she built with no help. 
 Reid and I worked together to build his room.  He wanted a door that opened. 
 They had this big MegaBlok Barbie dreamhouse set up and they could put their rooms inside the frames and take a picture with it.  If you look really close Reid's is in the top frame and Lilly's is in the frame right next to her. 
 Taking advantage of my pretty girl and some photo ops! 
 So beautiful! 
 Look at the hand on the hip. 
 And after the last face painting debacle I decided to wait in line for face painting this time.  Although we were *this close* to just coming home and staining our faces again so we didn't have to wait because my Reidster was done with all kinds of waiting and was very hungry at this point.  (: 
 Showing off her light pink butterfly. 
 Posing with the hot pink dog. 
 Hanging out with the Barbie cutout.  I will say that we had a great time but the only thing missing a real-life Barbie...which was a shame because there were like 5 college girls working there that would have been great "Barbie's."  Put them in a hot pink dress, tease their hair, brush some sparkles on them, add some blingy accessories and VIOLA! you have a real life Barbie.  Give her a sharpie and a smile for autographs and pictures and this event just got 1000 times better.  (I am serious--do you remember how awe-inspiring the combination of hot pink and sparkles was for Lilly at the Circus?!!?)
 Reid got an arrow on his cheek.

All of our goodies!  They got tote bags, Megabloks, stickers, self-designed Barbie dresses, and markers.  And they have played with them since we got home.  So, there you have it, our super fun time at the Barbie is Moving Tour!  They are still in our area for the rest of the weekend--check out my post below for locations and times for tomorrow and Sunday! 

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Courtney said...

What a cool event. I checked online to see if they would be coming close to our area, but no such luck.