Monday, June 3, 2013

Botanical Gardens

 Last week we met some friends at the Botanical Gardens.  It was an overcast day and they have so many beautiful scenes so I grabbed my camera in hopes of getting some cute pictures of my sweet kiddos. 
 You wouldn't think the botanical gardens would be a super fun place for kids but Lilly and Reid LOVE it. 
 There is a big kids area.  Levi and Reid (seriously this pic is the cutest) are in kind of a bird's nest in this picture that is in the children's area. 
 Then they have this reading train, too.  They love to ring the bell on the front of the train. 
 Lots of beautiful bridges.  (: 
 And ALL colors of plants.  Lilly was loving this pink one. 
 Sweet friends!  Lilly and Addy were born just hours apart. 
 They have a butterfly garden.  The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  The last time we went there was a very friendly butterfly and she (or he) landed on each of us. 
 Lilly took a picture just like this with my phone.  She said she wanted to take pictures because they were so beautiful.  ( ; 
 I know, I know, they are too cute!! 
 A little tired of Mommy taking pictures of them and ready to go run around. 
 Sweet girl.  Please note the fabulousness of her shoes. 
 I could just squeeze him! 
 His shoe came off and I took advantage of the photo opp.  I am shameless.  Ha! 
 They have this beautiful (picture doesn't do it justice) new butterfly fountain. 
 Reid playing in the fountain. 
 Lilly stopping to smell the flowers.  She said they smelled sweet. 
 In the children's area there is a tree house and they went up and down this later a ton. 

 Reid saw a fish!  They have a couple of ponds. 
 When Reid gets sick of taking pictures this is the "cheese" face he gives me.  You will see it frequently from here on out.  (: 
 I love everything about the sweetness of this picture. 
 And this one, too.  I didn't even pose him--that was natural! 
 They have these little kid gateways between area. 

 Reid, Sam, and Levi!  Best little buddies. 
 Silly girls. 
 Silly boys.  Thought we would let the last few pictures be fun since they were such good sports for me.  ( : 
 My babies and I! 
 Addy, Laura, and Sam
 Dallas and Levi.  I sure am thankful God has blessed our family with these sweet friends!
 Looking into the pond.  One tired boy.
I think we are going to go again this week and I am going to leave my camera at home and just enjoy it with them.  But if I have my camera--I just can't help it.  They are SO cute!! 

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