Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dance

A friend of ours gave Matt tickets to a Daddy/Daughter dance a couple of weeks ago.
 This little princess was SO excited.  This dress she has on was a flower girl dress that Matt's cousin wore in a wedding when she was Lilly's age.  Aunt Kay gave it to Lilly for dress-up clothes for Christmas and Lilly picked it out to wear for the dance.  She calls it her "Belle" dress.  She also wore her Cinderella shoes and her tiara. 

 I love this picture!  Isn't she precious?? 
 Lilly and Daddy all ready to go!  
 I just love these two and watching them together just melts my heart. 
They had a great time at the dance.  Matt said he nearly passed out a couple of times from spinning her so much.  Ha! 
 We had VBX (Vacation Bible Extreme) all that week and the dance was the last night of it so we went there for a little while and then they left a little early from there, but since Lilly was getting to go all dressed up Reid wanted to get all dressed up, too.  (: 
 It was almost 90 degrees outside.  Ha! 
Reid and I enjoyed our time shopping for Matt for Father's Day while Lilly and Daddy were dancing.  After that we all met at the yogurt shop and celebrated the end of a very fun and busy week!  (: 

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Courtney said...

Reid cracks me up in his outfit. I was wondering what your weather was since he was dressed for cooler weather. What a special evening for Lilly!