Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Weekend

I'm finally posting about our weekend BEFORE the next weekend!  Yesssss. Ha! 
 Well our weekend started out with a lot of tears.  And nashing of teeth.  Friday was just an off day for us.  That morning we did the "cars play day" and then after that the day just went down hill.  The kids had--by accident--broken several things.  And while they were accidents--they all happened because they were acting unruly.  Lilly's canvas got broken when Reid through a car through it, the poles for their tent got bent when they both decided to turn it upside down and jump on it, and our the top rails of their toy organizer got broken when Reid decided to stand on it to get something down in their playroom.  By the time Matt got home they were both in time out and my patience meter was on low.  Can anybody feel me? 
 Then dinner happened.  (I promise this entire post isn't a whine fest!  Just trying to keep it real. ;) And while this boy is usually a pretty good eater--he decided to wage war on not eating dinner.  Honestly I don't remember much after that except I think we were all happy when bed time rolled around.  We also had some really bad storms come through Friday night and they were so loud.  There was also a tornado warning in our area so Matt was up from 11-1 to watch the weather.  Then both kids got up sick in the middle of the night (I am pretty sure it was some combination of not eating and prolonged fit throwing...or that could have been why we had such an "off" day...I really can't decide) and Reid ended up sleeping with me and Matt ended up sleeping with Lilly.  All that to say...there was not a lot of sleep at our house Friday night. 
And at some point during the storm this tree fell down over our fence.  Thankfully there wasn't any real damage done to anything except the tree. 
 After Friday and Friday night we were really prepared for a terrible day on Saturday but instead we ended up having a really great day.  Thank God His mercies are new every morning, right?!!? Once the kids were up and around it was perfectly clear that they were not sick--we decided to get out of the house.  Some friends of ours are moving to Malawi to run the Esther's House orphanage and they were having a fundraising garage sale so we went by there to check it out.  Reid found this Star Wars helmet.
 Lilly found this fan.  She is IN LOVE with this fan.  It hasn't left her side since she found this little treasure. 
 Saturday night we tried The Burger Pattie for the first time and Lilly ate her first-ever cheeseburger.  I was in shock when she wanted to order it but we just went with it and she ate almost every bite.  Oh, and for locals, their burgers are SO good. 
 Sunday we went to church and then on our way home Matt rescued his fourth turtle in two weeks.  He is becoming our local Turtle Man.  (Have you all seen Call of the Wildman??  We love that show.)  Haha! 
 The kids force fed the turtle some grass.  He actually ate some from them and chomped pretty loudly--we were entertained.  It's the little things, really.  (: 

 Sunday night we went to family night at the Natural's Game.  My kids adore all mascots.  Some children are scared of them but Lilly and Reid think they are super stars.  They always go up and high-five them and turn around and pose for a picture.  Ha! 
 I don't know what happened to my camera but it flooded this picture with light. 
 Matt and I tried the BBQ Nachos--they were so good.  So full of everything not good for you...but still tasty. 
 Lilly got three balloon flowers because the first two popped.  The balloon man took pity on her and made replacements. 
 And we played at the playground very briefly before we left home for an early bedtime after a busy, fun weekend. 
And I had to sneak this sweet picture of Matt reading a story to the kids right before bedtime...because those really are some of my favorite moments in life.  Hope you all are having a great week!!