Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

 We started Father's Day off with the kids giving Matt his gift.  They really didn't want to wait until Father's Day and had a pretty funny conversation in the car trying to remind each other that it was a secret.  I was just sure one of them was going to blurt it out but they didn't.  Good job kids!  We got Matt a French Press and some different coffees.  He has become quite the coffee snob drinker.  Ha! 
 Okay so Reid and I went to pick out a card for Matt and Reid was set on a singing card.  Seriously, the people in the card aisle were cracking up at him.  I showed him a zillion cards (okay, just every other Father's Day card there) to try and sway him but he was adamant that THIS was the card for Matt.  I told Matt before he opened up the card that Reid had picked this card out all by himself JUST for him.   
 This would be the look on Matt's face when he opened it. 
 And a high-five of approval for Reid.  Haha! 
 My three loves before we headed out the door for church!  After church we went to Noodles for lunch. 
 Then we headed out to Aunt CiCi's to go fishing.  Now the funny thing was Matt and I had talked the week before about maybe fishing on Father's Day.  Then Friday night I mentioned that Sunday was Father's Day--both Lilly and Reid responded, "Yay!  We get to go fishing!"  Y'all--they ARE listening.  ( ; 
 Lilly, Reid, and I hung out in the hammock and climbed the tree (I didn't climb the tree) while Matt got all the fishing poles ready. 

 Then it was fishing time. 
 Lilly needs to work on some patience if she wants to enjoy fishing.  She mainly just wanted to reel it in. 
 We did enjoy seeing the ducks, too. 

 He gets it from him.  ( :  We are so thankful for Matt--he is an AWESOME dad!!
 The kids were done fishing after about 15 minutes so I took them inside to nap while Matt did a little more fishing.  Aunt CiCi's dog Lexi was inside laying on her bed asleep with a fan blowing on her.  I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture. 
 While the kids were sleeping Matt ran and got our swimsuits that we could all swim when they got up...and we did. 
 We all love the pool! 
 Then we went to Mojitos for dinner.  We love their chips and salsa! 
 We sat out on the patio because the weather was so nice. 
 Then we ended the night by going to the drive-in to see the movie Epic.  Lilly was super-excited when she found out her friend Hannah was going to be there, too!  It was our first time to the drive-in and they thought the commercials at the beginning were hilarious. 
As we were driving home we asked Lilly what she thought of the movie and she said, "Well it wasn't great."  We busted out laughing.  The truth is I think it was a little old for her in the story-line department.  Either way, we all had a great day and are so blessed! 

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Courtney said...

I must admit I am like Lilly, I am very impatient while fishing. You guys packed a lot into your Father's Day. LOVE the card Reid picked out.