Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cars Play Day

Well since we had a Dinner Tea Party for Lilly, I figured I needed to do something more boyish for Reid.  We were going to go swimming last Friday but since it rained...I decided that it was time! And since he loves all things Cars, I decided to do a cars play day. 
 I moved our kitchen table against the wall and made a special hide-out.
 We have this ball pit with tunnels and tents that I bring out on special occasions...so even though it doesn't technically have anything to do with cars--I thought it would be fun! 
 Then there is this...I don't really know what it is called...but it has roads to drive construction cars around on it.  We also had another road-type-of-rug out in the hall, too. 
 The favorite thing of the day was the car wash for sure.  (Idea source) I just put out pans of soapy water, some wash rags, and some measuring spoons and cups along with some cars.  It was a HIT. 

 I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Lilly doing this because she was there the whole time bossing helping everyone properly wash their cars.  She even had me get a bowl of clean water.  Ha!
 Hayes was making sure it was all properly put together.  Ha!  I think I forgot to mention that Lisa, Trevor, and Hayes came over to play, too! 
 Lilly playing in the balls. 
 Reid throwing them in the holes.
 Peaking out from the hide out.  "Mommy take my picture."  ( : 
 They brought books in there and used it as their reading area.  I picked the sheet up to take this picture of Trevor and he was laughing and pulling it back down.  Privacy please.  ( ;
 And Reid had some snacks in there.
 Lilly put a blanket over the kids table and got all the fruit out of our fruit bowl and set up an official snack table. 
 She is a pretty good hostess because it turned out to be quite the hot spot. 
boo!  Haha!  So thankful for a fun time with sweet friends--hopefully we will have many more throughout the summer!!

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Courtney said...

Logan would have loved Cars play day. I am going to have to try the car wash with him this summer.