Wednesday, July 17, 2013


At the beginning of June we enrolled the kids in gymnastics.  Or "gym-nacstics" as they call it.  They go for one hour a week. 
 The kids were SO EXCITED!  We didn't have any gymnastic clothes at first so Lilly insisted on wearing her ballet clothes. Any special occasion merits either a princess dress or a tutu. 
 They do all kinds of things on the balance beams. 
 I love that they are working on their balance! 
 They have a big obstacle course that kids LOVE. 

 Especially when the get to their "really big jumps" at the end. 

 They also practice several different things on several different bars. 

 Lilly stops and waves, gives me a thumbs up, and blows me kisses frequently throughout the lessons. 
 And then they practice...and I am saying all of these things in quotation marks because they can't actually do any of them on their own yet...handstands, cartwheels, front flips, & back flip kick-overs.

They also have started working with the rings.  Well, Lilly has.  Reid is not interested in those.  Ha!  I am really pleased with what all they are learning and how much they enjoy it!

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