Monday, July 15, 2013

Our 4th of July

We went to Benton for a long weekend for the 4th.  I was SO thankful for a long weekend out of town.  Our June was so busy that I felt like THIS was really the start of our summer. 
 We woke up on the fourth and the kids were ready to go swimming!  I mean, like, literally ready--dressed in swimsuits and good to go.  Ha!  Mike cooked lunch and Bert, Becca, Baby Breanna, Uncle Mac, Aunt Kay, Melissa, Danny, Jennifer, and Jasen, and all the cousins came to swim. 

 The kids are back to swimming without their buoys--I am so glad they can swim on their own now!!! 
 So proud of these two cuties and their swimming skills!  Also, goggle pictures are my FAVORITE! 
 The kids swam until they just couldn't swim anymore...and then they napped.  When they woke up we had dinner at Rib Crib and then went and found a spot to wait and watch the fireworks. 
 We went with Mike and DeDe, of course! 
 Matt and I...being very festive in our red, white, and blue...even if his blue is a Duck Dynasty shirt.  I mean, if you think about it, that makes it even MORE American, right??  Ha! 
 Reid, DeDe, and Lilly
 The kids entertained themselves in the back of the van while we waited. 
 And ate Cheez-Its.  Those are considered a real treat and that is what they picked out as their road trip snack. 
 Watching the fireworks.  Until I took this picture.  And blinded them with the flash.  ( ;  What are Mommy's for, right? 

 And of course we made some silly faces while we were waiting as well! 

We love our "little firecrackers, had a wonderful 4th with family, and are so thankful to all who serve and protect our freedom! 

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Courtney said...

What a fun trip. Cheez Its would have been my road trip snack choice too!