Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lilly's Video Debut

Okay, so this is Lilly's big video debut!! This is a video of her cooing. She isn't looking at the camera, so it is mostly a profile video, but she is using her sweet little voice. She is growing so fast. She changes daily. Everyday she is smiling more and cooing more. She discovered the tv this week, so we are experimenting with the Baby Einstein videos. If she is in the right mood-she loves watching them. I am trying to determine how to best utilize this time...perhaps shower without a chorus of crying in the background, maybe do some laundry without her strapped to me, eat dinner at the same time as Matt...this is going to open up some doors!! Haha.

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Amber said...

I hear Lily has her acting debut in a few weeks also!!! I am so excited. We are in the Christmas Pageant too so I will get to see her!!!!! yeah...maybe even hold her!!!...yeah