Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 Months & 15 Months

Well, my babies are growing so fast!! What have these cuties been up to??? (SO VERY MUCH!) Also, Warning: Picture Overload on this post! Reid has learned to hold onto things and, of course, put them in his mouth. Go baby go!
Lilly has reached a monumental milestone!!!!--having enough hair to wear a bow. Amber--I am officially ordering some bows! I need them in almost every color. I will email you. (c;
You can get off of the couch or chair all by yourself and you LOVE furniture that is your size!!
Reid is smiling, laughing, and cooing all the time. He is such a happy boy!! How did I get blessed with two kids that are so happy?
He is also stealing Mommy and Daddy's heart each and every day. We love him so much!!!
"Who me?"
He has also got great upper body strength. He holds his head up and is now very nosey and curious (just like his sister). He wants to know what is going on!! He also can roll from his tummy to his back. So strong. He also has started doing Mommy and Baby Yoga. (I bought the video when Lilly was his age and tried to use it with her the other day--not a chance!!! She was WAY too busy. I guess I am going to have to get the Mommy and Toddler Yoga to do with her. Anyway, he likes it, but he LOVES the massage at the end.
Lilly is so into stacking things these days. She carried those DVDs around and kept trying to stack them into a straight pile...a regular pile wasn't good enough. She focused on it an entire morning! She also likes to put things into something else. LOVEs it! She is really into just figuring out how things work and you can always see the wheels just turning in her mind.
Right before I took this photo, she was sitting behind him hugging him...that lasted two seconds but it was soooooo sweet.
Both these kiddos get lots of love from Mommy each and every day!! I love staying home with my babies. It is something that I never really thought I wanted to do before I had kids, but I am so glad and so blessed to be able to do it and I wouldn't change it for the world!!
And, of course, you get some loving from Daddy, too!
You are going through a phase where you just want Mommy and Daddy lately. NO strangers please. You will go to close family after having a little time to warm up. We are fine with you not wanting to go to strangers Lilly!
Now, Lilly has been up to something that has provided us with a lot of laughs lately. She wants to be in all of Reid's toys! Whenever he is in his Bouncy Seat, she sits in it with him and bounces it up and down. It is so funny and he really doesn't seem to mind.
This is her in his car seat.
His floor activity map. I couldn't even put him in the first two days I got it out because Miss Priss was ALWAYS in it (and she really couldn't stand it when we used to try and put her in it).
Is this for me?
I don't know why these two photos are sideways! Anyway, a couple of cute pictures of my boy just being cute...doing what he does!!
He is the snuggliest sweetie! Also, Lilly and Reid must have talked and decided to bless me with simultaneous napping this week. I have gotten so much accomplished because of these two napping together--I am talking dishes, laundry, showering (without having to sing or play peek-a-boo with Lilly), wrap presents, write thank you cards (finished--hooray), etc!! Thank you my sweet loves!
Peek-a-boo (a game Lilly LOVES)--looking at herself in the mirror!
Lilly is finally eating good food. She now likes apples (peeled), mini pancakes, yogurt melts, chicken nuggets. She also goes to her highchair to tell us she is ready to eat and she signs "more" and "finished". She also talks more and more all the time.
Sitting in Reid's bouncy seat like it is a papasan chair.
They both still love thier pacis.
Lilly climbing over Reid. I think he is going to develop a nervous twitch because of her. Haha. She is always wanting to be right next to him and she frequently comes so close to hitting him/stepping on him/dropping something on him. And, she is ALWAYS stealing his paci. She will have to drop hers to take his and she does!
Smiling because he finally got to play in his toy. He really enjoys being able to look around and looking at new things. And, he loves to smile at his big sister.

He also got in the swing for the first time today. Notice who is right there pushing him...Lilly! These two are going to be great friends one day--I can feel it! Oh, you two, we love you and are so blessed to be your parents. I can't wait to see what the next month holds for our beautiful little family!!


Jennifer said...

How cute are they? Lilly looks tall in those pictures! Is she tall for her age?

I'm sad we missed seeing you again this weekend! Let us know if you want to come to the 1055 service sometime soon. We would love for you to!

Lindsay and Robert said...

Precious, precious! And congrats on achieving simultaneous napping his week - I call it the magic hour. :) Your two are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I only pray Lillian and Thomas will nap at the same time...Make sure you take notes and share your secrets with me!

They are both looking so adorable in their Christmas outfits! Their both so sweet.

Rebekah said...

How cute are they in their little Christmas outfits?!?! That is too funny about her getting in the bouncy seat! Who knows, maybe we will get some more use out of that thing!!!

Leah said...

The pics are so cute!! The one of Lily lounging in the bouncer/papasan chair crack me up. She looks like she's just chillin hahaha. And yay for enough hair to hold a bow!!! We are just now getting there since it all seems to grow in the back!!! Are you guys going to be in Benton over the holidays??