Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Day EVER!!

This picture is out of order, but I accidentally deleted it. This is Lilly's ornament this year. We chose it because she loves books and being read to.

Well, we did Christmas on Sunday because it was the last weekend day that we didn't have something going on and we won't be home Christmas morning. So....this is what Lilly woke up to Sunday morning...... A magical talking princess baby center--

that included this little baby girl.

A bunch of presents. We decided to wrap some and leave some unwrapped and I just really LOVE the mixture. It catches the eye and gives stuff for her to unwrap (more about that in a minute).

Reid's presents!!

Also, we went out as a family and picked out keepsake ornaments for our babies last week when we saw Santa. (Don't worry, we told Santa where to bring the Santa gifts for Lilly and Reid.) Anyway, this one is Reid's ornament--It says baby's first Christmas and has a spot for his picture. I chose it because it matches his room.
We also bought this to go along with Lilly's ornament. Matt and I are going to record us reading the story and then whenever she opens it, she will hear us reading it. It is really cool and you record each page so when she turns the page, she will hear us reading that page. I am super excited about it. We aren't giving her this until Christmas Eve, though!
I bought them each an outfit. I am not sure Reid's will fit. Finger's crossed.
Lilly woke up and we recorded her coming into the living room. She just kind of looked at the doll center. It came with a plate and spoon and fork--she played with that! Haha. Then, we got her to open one present--this little basket of fake fruit. Then, she was perfectly content playing with the doll center and the fake fruit and didn't want to open anything else!!!
So, we paused the whole gift thing and had some Christmas breakfast, which for us was ham and eggs and a pancake for Lilly.
Then, after breakfast, she sat on my lap and together we opened a package of play cooking spoons and utensils. Well, it was in that moment that she figured out that there were TOYS under that wrapping paper!!!
Oh yeah, she got this doll that came with a paci and a bottle where the milk disappears when you turn it upside down. She spent a good part of the morning feeding her baby doll! Adorable!!!
Reid woke up right after breakfast and joined in the fun. He is such a happy boy and he sure was excited about his presents.
Back to Lilly and the presents...after she figured out there were toys in there---she opened all of her presents and all of Reid's. In this picture, she is opening Reid's ball that lights up and spins around.

Merry Christmas. Haha. He looks so cute! He is sitting in his Bumbo--it is pink because it was Lilly's, but they just don't use it long enough to buy a new one.
We had a good time playing with our kids and all of their presents! Then, Reid, Lilly, and Mommy took a good nap (Daddy watched football). After that, we woke up and went to look at some Christmas lights.
Lilly and Mommy
The whole gang
Lilly, Daddy, and Reid
Reid wearing the cutest little outfit that his MoMo brought him. He is so handsome.
Pony rides. Here is the pony that Lilly didn't ride. Well, she rode him for a minute. The lady said, "The trick is to put her on the pony without hesitation and we will just start immediately." Well, I sat her on him but I didn't have her totally centered and they started so I was holding onto her and she was kind of sliding side to side but she was okay just holding onto me tightly! So, I go to center her and my purse slides down my arm and hits the poor pony and he kind of jumps. Eek. I go to hand Matt my purse and she starts to fall off the pony. I grab her, but by the time all of this has happened--she decides she is finished with the pony ride as she is now feverishly signing "finished" "finished" "finished". Well, we pet the pony for a minute and decide to try it again. She started crying as soon as I put her on the pony, but I smiled and said, "yay, we are having so much fun, this pony says neigh, etc.", but she wasn't having it. Matt said next year, he is doing the pony ride. Haha.
After that, we waved to the camels. We did not try to ride those!
Then, we just walked around and looked at the lights.
She was so funny running around the square. She kept falling down because she was looking straight up at all of the lights!
Talking about the lights!
Looking at all of the lights.
Daddy, Lilly, and the toy soldier
I love the huge ornament lights that they hang in the tree. The lights on the square really are just awesome.
This lighted carousel spins around and around. After looking at the lights, we met up with the Trumbo's and ate at Damgoode Pies--the name is pretty accurate! It was delicious.
When we were walking back to the car, we saw that they were doing carriage rides. So, of course, we had to do a carriage ride!!
Lilly loved looking at all of the lights from the carriage rides. She just stared at them.
Reid just stared at them, too. I took this picture while holding him, but he is just watching the lights. Both babies fell asleep on the way home.
Then, we got home and gave them their first bath together!!
Lilly giggled the whole time--she thought it was very funny to have Reid in the tub with her.
Reid seemed to enjoy it, too!
Having a little pre-bed juice.
Being silly! Haha. It was seriously one of the best days of my life. I just cannot believe how blessed we are and I just thank God for each and every one of our blessings. Especially Matt, Lilly, and Reid!!!! Anyway, I hope your holidays are filled with special times with family, too! It is funny, there were Christmas commercials on today and I was like Christmas is over. Haha. I forgot we did it so early. I am so looking forward to getting together with our families to celebrate this special season! I have a couple of special things planned for actual Christmas, too.

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