Monday, June 21, 2010

9 Months

Well Reid, since you are going to be 10 months in a week....I thought I might want to write your 9 month post! EEK. Boy--to sum it up--you have gotten BUSY!! Notice the all caps BUSY. I am so glad we moved when we did because you now get into everything and at least now I can put some things away...when you and your sister decide to give me free time (hahahahaha...I just had to stop typing this to go and get you out of the fireplace rocks and build a barricade which you are now trying to get around. So I don't really have free time! I guess I should've said I can put things away if you both leave me ANY energy after you guys go to bed.) Well, I think you can tell by this picture that you have just continued to get more handsome each and every day! Your check-up was a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember exact stats. You weighed around 23 lbs and I don't even have a guess on height. Your ears looked great and we are SO THANKFUL for that. You had to get your toe stuck but you didn't even flinch. It was a no shot appointment! Mommy LOVES no shot appointments!!
You follow Lilly all around the house if you are in the mood to play and follow Mommy all over the house if you want to cuddle. You wear 12-18 month clothing. You are sleeping through the night like a champ. We love you for more reasons than I could ever list but we really do appreciate the sleeping through the night!
You are ticklish. You LOVE peek-a-boo! You belly-laugh and you are always smiling. You, like your sister, have a contagious smile. I think it is funny that you guys looks just alike but somehow you still look just like your Daddy.
I can tell that you are going to be all boy....but you are definitely going to have a sweet side that I hope you always keep. You are a perfect mixture of rough and gentle!
Oh have you started pulling up!!! You do not want to be anything but standing. You pull up on anything and everything and have learned enough balance to be able to grab and reach for everything while you are pulled up on something.
This is one of your favorite toys. I have to admit that I finally feel like we are getting our money's worth (ok, the people that bought most of your toys are getting their money's worth) out of all of these toys since both you and your sister have now gotten to use them.
Sometimes I think you forget you can't walk yet. You just let go and try to take off and end up doing a face plant into the carpet. You are just starting to be able to go from one chair to another and stand for brief periods at a time by yourself. I think you will be walking before your 1st birthday.
You love the pool. You are my big splasher. It doesn't seem to bother you that you get water into your eyes (or everyone else's eyes too). The pool wears you out have to nap immediately afterward.
You take two good naps a day and usually wake up between 7 and 8 in the morning. You usually go down for your morning nap right as your sister wakes up in the morning. This is nice because I get some alone time with both of you in the morning. Then, you guys nap together in the afternoon...this is the time that Mommy uses to stay sane...haha.
You are at such a fun age. You have started saying "hi" and waving. When I say we are going "night night", you wave. You also say "oh" and "mama" and "dada" and some other random "words" that are not actual words that I understand the meaning of.
You are so curious and are really studying cause and effect right now. You love to see what happens when you push a button and pull on something. I can tell that you are just constantly learning and taking things in.
You are a people watcher! You will just stare at the people around us. You are very friendly too. If someone looks at you, you always charm them by flashing them one of your big toothy smiles. (You still have 7 new ones in a couple of months.)
You like to play with the things you see us using...i.e. the phone, the remote, a toy your sister has played with and discarded, etc.
We put you in a walker right after we moved in and you were like a fish in water. With no assistance, you were able to go forward, backward, squeeze through tight places, and transition from tile to carpet. I was amazed!! You zoom all over the house in your walker and are constantly running into the back of my heels and over your sister's feet. She is not a fan of that.
As I type this Lilly is in your walker and you are pushing her...or she is pulling you. Hysterical!
You are eating very well. You are getting sick of baby food and want what we are eating. So far I have yet to give you anything that you refuse to eat. The other night you ate zucchini and LOVED it. Most days, though, you get 3 bottles, oatmeal mixed with apple juice, fruit and vegetable baby foods, and yogurt. We have just started to let you try some "real food". Whenever we eat, though, you just stare at us and smack your mouth. It is pretty funny but makes me feel really bad for eating in front of you! I will save the rest for your 10 month post.
As always, we love you more and more with each passing day. You are such a blessing and we are just so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!! We are so excited to see what God has in store for your future and are just so proud to be able to a part of it! Hugs, kisses, and cuddles--Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy


The Coleman Family said...

Oh sweet little Reid! You are growing up way too fast buddy! But you are as handsome as ever! Happy 9 1/2 months!

Jenna said...

Reidster!! Happy 9 almost 10 months!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Why hello there!! I will be calling you soon, maybe on the way to swim lessons tomorrow!! Miss ya'll so much and we need another mexican night very soon!!
I love all the new things Handsome Reid is doing, sounds a lot like my house. They are so cute but I really don't like how fast they are growing.
Give the babies hugs and kisses from us and tell them we'll see them soon.
Maybe we can call Easton too!! lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Nine Months! Reid is such a cutie! I love the pictures in his wagon and with Lilly and they both have on PJ's!

So glad his appt. went well. And that his ears are good!

Have a great week!