Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well, we are SLOWLY getting things put away. We absolutely love our new home. It is such a blessing to have the space we need. Reid is sleeping in his very own room and I think we are ALL enjoying that! There is a designated toy area for the majority of the toys and I am LOVING that. We have a back yard that we are all loving...especially Tank!!! (These photos were taking while packing before the move...still behind....will I ever catch up?) Lilly is super busy these days. She is also becoming pretty familiar with time-out. I think she might be experimenting with the terrible twos. Haha! Actually, I think that she is just trying to get attention because I am always trying to keep the house clean and unpack things. I have to keep reminding myself to stop and give her some attention because she is way more important!! Either way, she can not be allowed to stand on or try and ride Reid, throw her toys at us, or throw all out tantrums because she doesn't get her way. Lilly, Mommy and Daddy love you way too much to let you become a brat!!
She is becoming very sweet (most of the time...with the exceptions of the previously mentioned offenses) with Reid. She shares all kinds of things with him and is starting to want to help with feeding and diaper changes. I find the diaper changes part hilarious because she is still in diapers and is not particularly fond of the changing herself.
Her new thing is to go in a room and shut the door to try and do something she isn't supposed to. When I open the door (like seconds after she closes it), she nearly jumps out of her skin and takes off laughing and running. She has such a personality!
Getting in the car Dukes of Hazard style! Oh, she also likes to fake choke in order to freak Matt out. He does NOT think this is funny (but in all is a little funny).
This big man has been super busy too! He had his 9 month check up last week and his tubes check-up yesterday. Both appointments went perfect--such a nice change from the last couple of months!!!! Thank you Lord! I will do a 9 month post on him soon so I will save his stats.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES peek-a-boo. Where is Reid???
There he is! Lilly plays peek-a-boo with him and they both just laugh hysterically. Hands down the best sound ever!!!!! He also pulls up to things now. This morning he was standing in his crib...a trick he is so excited about that he is refusing to nap in order to keep doing it....lovely. He is talking (jabbering) NON-STOP.
A few weeks ago, my aunt Grace and uncle Ross came into town and I didn't have my camera on me...I just kept forgetting it! Anyway, she emailed me some pictures and I thought I would share them. This is Lilly and I...I love those sweet cuddles!
Our precious family!
My two favorite fellas! My aunt and uncle are two very funny people and she took some candid shots of some of the family.
MoMo and Papa Ray with the lady lamp. This lamp is in my mom's garage and I can not tell you how many times it has scared me! I hate that lamp!
My sister's family and Momo. Tom, Michelle, Emma, MoMo, Ethan, and Jackson.
Aunt Becky, Aunt Grace, and my mom. These three thought they were pretty funny together!
Uncle Ross and Uncle Larry...can you tell they are brothers?? Haha.
There is this HUGE rocking chair outside of this store in our area. Let's just say these three thought this picture was the funniest thing on the planet. We had such a good time while they were in town and always look forward to their visits!!


Anonymous said...

So glad your move went well and your happy! Goodluck with all the unpacking and rearranging.

Todd and Courtney said...

How fun! Good luck with packing! I'll have to take notes from you when we move this fall, hopefully. I hear ya on the tantrums too. It drives me crazy!