Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Ok so we have about a million things to blog about it...and I am officially on it! I am starting out of order and blogging about our lunch today because I promised Jenna I wouldn't make her wait weeks for pictures again. So, today we loaded up and met Jenna and Brayden at The Crumpet Tea room for lunch. Reid had crackers, graham crackers, and yogurt.
Lilly had yogurt, crackers, part of my orange roll (I was beginning to think she was going to eat all of my orange roll), and some of Brayden's animal crackers. What can I say...my child is a mooch off of other children's snacks? Haha.
Brayden was making the cutest face but I could NOT get a picture of it! Shucks!! Oh, BTW, did you see the spot on his forehead where Jenna hit him with a fly swatter??? JUST KIDDING. He just fell down. It has a waffle-type pattern on it so we were just joking about that.
I don't know why this picture chose to show up sideways. We walked around the outdoor mall afterward and the kids just hung out in the stroller.
They were really good which was great because it gave us Mommies a couple of minutes to chat.
From the second we got out of the car Lilly was pointing to the fountains and saying, "Wah-wuh" (water)...so we went and played in the fountain for a little while. Lilly and Brayden splashing the day away!
Sweet precious Lilly. LOVE this girl!!!
Sweet handsome Brayden. He is such a doll!
Sweet handsome Reid. LOVE everything from that cute smile to those chubby little legs!!!
Brayden and Lilly holding hands. You just wait until I tell her father!! Haha. It was SO SWEET. They might have hit each other and yelled at one another a couple of times during the day too but that really isn't important. Haha. We had such a fun time with Jenna and Brayden..just like we always do!


Todd and Courtney said...

That tea room looks amazing. I've seen other pictures of food from there and goodness I wish we had one!! Cute photos! I love that the kiddos behave....Lauren, not so much :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to have a little girl time and go to the Tea room. How fun!

And can I just say what a blessing that everyone was happy and so behaved!! That makes our day so much sweeter!!

I love the pictures in the fountain. You have the most adorable kids!