Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Bees

Yes we are busy settling in...but we have been too busy to do much of that either! I LOVE SUMMER!! And this weekend, I would say it is has officially taken off for us. We started Saturday morning off with our free Chick-fil-A Spicy chicken sandwich. It was really good--it is pretty spicy though! (I would say spicier than Wendy's.) Saturday afternoon we went to a BBQ with our small group friends. Then Saturday night we went to our first Arkansas Natural's Baseball game with our friends Jenna, Chris, and Brayden and Sydney and Stella. Sydney got this GREAT picture of Lilly and Stella. Are they not the sweetest things ever?????
This is Owen--this sweet couple from our small group's son.
Lilly, their other daughter Linley (probably butchered her name), and Brody.
Then Sunday we went to church, the longest lunch ever, napped the kids, and then Matt went with his buddy Trumbo to the Arkansas Razorback game and the kids and I hung out with Lisa and Trenton. Lisa is having a baby next Thursday and I am SOOOOO excited...and she looks like 5 months pregnant....where is the "beach ball belly" that I had???? It is so unfair! Haha.
Then, we have had something going on and will have something going on every night this weekend....maybe this weekend we will relax??? Anyway, the kids are doing great! Lilly hasn't had hardly any time outs so far this week. I think I have had a better attitude this week and have been able to be more patient with her which really helps the day go better. We have made a lot of progress getting her to use her words instead of just screaming.....
BUT Mr. Reid has picked it up! (Not for the same reasons...he has just discovered that he can be really loud..haha) I know God is up there thinking he is a REAL comedian for that! Haha.

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Anonymous said...

You all have been busy and having lots of fun! I have missed you! I wish you lived in AZ. we could so hang out! You are one of my favorite blog friends.

I hope you are getting settled in. I can't wait to see pictures! I love that Matt was reading our blog. I am so impressed! Lots of Hugs, Ginger